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Number Air Date Tune Band Name Recording Date Band Members Composer Catalog Number
176952005-01-06SugarPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
176962005-01-06My PetFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
176972005-01-06You're The Cream In My CoffeeRuth Etting0000-00-00   
176982005-01-06Lovable And SweetCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
176992005-01-06Doctor JazzJelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers0000-00-00   
177002005-01-06Get Easy BluesLil Hardaway's Orch.0000-00-00   
177012005-01-06Stompin' On DownTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
177022005-01-06Hot AireJack Gardner's Orch.0000-00-00   
177032005-01-06Low Down BrownRandolph McCurtain's College Ramblers0000-00-00   
177042005-01-06Honey ChildPhil Baxter & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177052005-01-06Come Easy, Go Easy LoveSunny Clapp & His Band O' Sunshine0000-00-00   
177062005-01-06A Bag O' BluesJack Pettis & His Pets0000-00-00   
177072005-01-06Japanese SandmanSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
177082005-01-06I Can't Do Without YouGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
177092005-01-06Persian RugHerman Kenin & His Multnomah Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
177102005-01-06Bearcat StompSavoy Bearcats0000-00-00   
177112005-01-06Paradise WobbleCharlie Johnson's Original Paradise Ten0000-00-00   
177122005-01-06Careless Man BluesSara Martin0000-00-00   
177132005-01-06Stockholm StompFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177142005-01-06That's My Hap-Hap-HappinessHappiness Boys (The)0000-00-00   
177152005-01-06Sister KateJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177162005-01-06Ready For The RiverCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
177172005-01-06Sentimental BabyBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
177182005-01-06Shoo Shoo Boogie BooCotton Pickers (The)0000-00-00   
177192005-01-06Mean To MeNapoleon's Emperors0000-00-00   
177202005-01-06I May Be Wrong, But I Think You're WonderfulLibby Holman0000-00-00   
177212005-01-06I've Got A Feeling I'm FallingMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
177222005-01-06BanjorenoDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
177232005-01-06Don't You Wanna KnowRoss De Luxe Syncopators0000-00-00   
177242005-01-06Congo StompFrank Bush & His Fuzzy Wuzzies0000-00-00   
177252005-01-06Gilded KissesAlphonso Trent & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177262005-01-06Yacht Party (The) SoundtrackRoger Wolfe Kahn Orch.0000-00-00   
177272005-01-06I'll Be Blue, Just Thinking Of YouFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177282005-01-06Concentratin' (On You)Mildred Bailey0000-00-00   
177292005-01-06Roses Of PicardyTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
177302005-01-06I've Got My Eye On YouEd Lloyd & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177312005-01-06After You've GoneLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177322005-01-06Two-Time ManDon Redman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177332005-01-06I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabyKing Oliver & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177342005-01-06Don't Keep Me In The Dark, Bright EyesLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
177352005-01-06Smile, Darn Ya, SmileBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177362005-01-06Stop The Sun, Stop The MoonImperial Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
177372005-01-06You'll Get By (With A Twinkle In Your Eye)Waring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
177382005-01-06Tiger RagFred Elizalde & His Hot Music0000-00-00   
177392005-01-13Good Morning, Good Evening, Good NightTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177402005-01-13I'm An Unemployed SweetheartTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
177412005-01-13Cheer Up! Smile! Nertz!Eddie Cantor with Phil Spitalny's Music0000-00-00   
177422005-01-13Round EveningDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
177432005-01-13Flamin' MamieCoon - Sanders Original Nighthawk Orch.0000-00-00   
177442005-01-13My Baby Came HomeRed McKenzie & His Music Box0000-00-00   
177452005-01-13It Was Only A Sun ShowerCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
177462005-01-13Railroad RhythmClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
177472005-01-13Move It On Out Of HereBertha Idaho0000-00-00   
177482005-01-13Bill Brown & His BrowniesBill Brown & His Brownies0000-00-00   
177492005-01-13Love Me Or Leave MeThomas Waller0000-00-00   
177502005-01-13That's A PlentyRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177512005-01-13O'er The Billowy SeaLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
177522005-01-13If It Ain't LoveJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177532005-01-13When Polly Walks Through The HollyhocksBen Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orch.0000-00-00   
177542005-01-13Slowin' Down BluesOliver Naylor's Orch.0000-00-00   
177552005-01-13Drag (The)Charlie Davis & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177562005-01-13BrainstormGeorge Osborne & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177572005-01-13Take Your TomorrowEmmett Miller acc by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
177582005-01-13I'm Tickled Pink With A Blue-Eyed BabyRoy Evans0000-00-00   
177592005-01-13Poor ButterflyRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
177602005-01-13What Wouldn't I Do For That ManRuth Etting0000-00-00   
177612005-01-13Mighty RiverChick Bullock & His Levee Loungers0000-00-00   
177622005-01-13If You're Thinking Of MeWalter Barnes & His Royal Creolians0000-00-00   
177632005-01-13Dixie StompFess Williams & His Joy Boys0000-00-00   
177642005-01-13Blue Moon BluesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
177652005-01-13No One Else But YouLouis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five0000-00-00   
177662005-01-13At Last I'm HappyLew Reynolds Flexo Recording Orch.0000-00-00   
177672005-01-13I've Got Some Lovin' To DoFred Rich & His Hotel Astor Orch.0000-00-00   
177682005-01-13Want A Little Lovin'Lee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
177692005-01-13Shanghai HoneymoonWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
177702005-01-13Johnny Marvin "Musical Comedy Star & Victor Recording Artist"Johnny Marvin0000-00-00   
177712005-01-13Boy! Oh Boy! I've Got It BadMelotone Boys (The)0000-00-00   
177722005-01-13When Your Lover Has GoneBenny Goodman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177732005-01-13Daddy, Won't You Please Come HomeAnnette Hanshaw acc by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
177742005-01-13Gotta Feelin' For YouHot Air Men (The)0000-00-00   
177752005-01-13My Sweet Tooth Says "I Wanna"Ben Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177762005-01-13Just An Echo In The ValleyCharlie Palloy0000-00-00   
177772005-01-13Stay On The Right Side Of The RoadBing Crosby with Dorsey Brothers Orch.0000-00-00   
177782005-01-13Roll On Mississippi, Roll OnBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
177792005-01-13St. James InfirmaryMills Merry Makers0000-00-00   
177802005-01-13You've Got That ThingTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
177812005-01-13Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The MoonlightBernie Cummins & His Hotel New Yorker Orch.0000-00-00   
177822005-01-20Market Street StompMissourians (The)0000-00-00   
177832005-01-20Sweet Jennie LeeCab Calloway & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177842005-01-20Slow MotionBennie Moten's Kansas City Orch.0000-00-00   
177852005-01-20Weary BluesJohnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers0000-00-00   
177862005-01-20Positively - AbsoulutelyJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177872005-01-20St. Louis BluesGene Austin0000-00-00   
177882005-01-20After My Laughter Came TearsArnold Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177892005-01-20I Got RhythmFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
177902005-01-20Add A Little WiggleEddie Lang0000-00-00   
177912005-01-20When The World Is At RestAnnette Hanshaw acc. by The Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00   
177922005-01-20My Honey's Lovin' ArmsOriginal Memphis Five0000-00-00   
177932005-01-20I Don't Work For A LivingFrank Crumit0000-00-00   
177942005-01-20Kids AgainHerman Kenin & His Ambassador Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
177952005-01-20Honolulu BluesNew Orleans Blackbirds0000-00-00   
177962005-01-20SmilesBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
177972005-01-20Candy LipsClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
177982005-01-20West End BluesEthel Waters0000-00-00   
177992005-01-20You Might Get Better, But You'll Never Get WellHenry Allen & His New York Orch.0000-00-00   
178002005-01-20I'm Watching The ClockKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
178012005-01-20There's No Gal Like My GalOriginal Memphis Melody Boys0000-00-00   
178022005-01-20House Of David BluesGreenwich Village Orch.0000-00-00   
178032005-01-20Wob-A-Ly WalkWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
178042005-01-20Sweetheart It's YouSouthern Rhythm Masters0000-00-00   
178052005-01-20What's The UseFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178062005-01-20(I'm Still Without A Sweetheart) With Summer Coming OnBing Crosby0000-00-00   
178072005-01-20SweetnessTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
178082005-01-20That's What I Call HeavenHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178092005-01-20Down YonderTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
178102005-01-20After You've GoneJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
178112005-01-20K.C. MoanMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
178122005-01-20Tougaloo ShoutAlex Hill & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178132005-01-20Capitolians (The)Capitol Theatre Pit Orch.0000-00-00   
178142005-01-20Man From The South (The)Joe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
178152005-01-20Who's Sorry NowRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
178162005-01-20LiesMildred Bailey0000-00-00   
178172005-01-20March Of The HoodlumsIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
178182005-01-20How Long Has This Been Going OnFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
178192005-01-20Live Is Like ThatRuth Etting0000-00-00   
178202005-01-20My Man From CarolineBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178212005-01-20One More TimeTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
178222005-01-20Was That The Human Thing To DoBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
178232005-01-20I'm So In LoveBennie Krueger & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178242005-01-20Kansas City KittyCotton Pickers (The)0000-00-00   
178252005-01-27MagnoliaIrwin Abrams & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178262005-01-27I'm Back In Love AgainJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
178272005-01-27Play Me SlowMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
178282005-01-27She's A Great Great GirlJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178292005-01-27Some Other DayHerman Kenin & His Multnomah Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
178302005-01-27One Sweet Letter From YouSophie Tucker acc. by Miff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
178312005-01-27Farewell BluesWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
178322005-01-27China BoyJack Teagarden & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178332005-01-27PoisonHarry Dial's Blusicians0000-00-00   
178342005-01-27I'm Going Away Just To Wear You Off My MindLloyd Smith's Gut Bucketeers0000-00-00   
178352005-01-27BombayTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
178362005-01-27River BluesRuben "River" Reeves & His Tributaries0000-00-00   
178372005-01-27Little GirlHigh Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
178382005-01-27Stormy WeatherCharlie Palloy0000-00-00   
178392005-01-27LindaBenny Goodman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178402005-01-27There's No Depression In LoveVincent Rose & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178412005-01-27I Found A Million Dollar BabyPaul Specht & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178422005-01-27I've Got To Sing A Torch SongHelen Rowland0000-00-00   
178432005-01-27I'm Blue, But Nobody CaresSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
178442005-01-27Bessie Couldn't Help ItLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178452005-01-27Who's Sorry NowBilly Banks & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178462005-01-27How Long, How Long BluesGladys Bentley0000-00-00   
178472005-01-27Hello LolaMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
178482005-01-27This Is The MissusRudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00   
178492005-01-27If I Had My Way 'Bout My SweetieVic Irwin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178502005-01-27You've Got Me Crying AgainLee Wiley0000-00-00   
178512005-01-27Free And Easy (The)Ed Lloyd & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178522005-01-27My Troubles Are OverSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
178532005-01-27Under The Moon It's YouBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
178542005-01-27Moonlight Saving TimeRuth Etting0000-00-00   
178552005-01-27Yellow Dog BluesBen's Bad Boys0000-00-00   
178562005-01-27Modern BusinessFilm Soundtrack0000-00-00   
178572005-01-27Memphis ShakeDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
178582005-01-27Devil's SerenadeSonny Clay & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178592005-01-27Givin' It AwayTampa Red & Georgia Tom0000-00-00   
178602005-01-27Sweet 'N Low BluesJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
178612005-01-27LovableHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178622005-01-27DardanellaIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
178632005-01-27He's So UnusualPatsy Young0000-00-00   
178642005-01-27SanTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
178652005-01-27Wha'd Ja Do To MeBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
178662005-01-27Now That I Need You, You're GoneJoe Venuti's Rhythm Boys0000-00-00   
178672005-01-27He's A Good Man To Have AroundCotton Pickers (The)0000-00-00   
178682005-01-27All American GirlAll-Star Collegians0000-00-00   
178692005-01-27I Found You "Out" When I Found You "In" Somebody Else's ArmsTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178702005-02-03Come On, BabyFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178712005-02-03Talk To MeMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
178722005-02-03Golfing PapaMamie Smith0000-00-00   
178732005-02-03Chinch (The)Thomas Morris & His Seven Hot Babies0000-00-00   
178742005-02-03Harmonica HarryFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
178752005-02-03My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds NowGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
178762005-02-03Where Will I BeIndiana Five0000-00-00   
178772005-02-03Diga Diga DooGoody's Good Timers0000-00-00   
178782005-02-03It's So GoodWhoopee Makers (The)0000-00-00   
178792005-02-03Under The MoonAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
178802005-02-03I Must Be DreamingJoe Venuti & His New Yorkers0000-00-00   
178812005-02-03Brotherly LoveElgar's Creole Orch.0000-00-00   
178822005-02-03Head Hunter's Dream (The)Tiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
178832005-02-03You'll Cry For Me, But I'll Be GoneMissourians (The)0000-00-00   
178842005-02-03Wa Wa WaKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
178852005-02-03When I Take My Sugar To TeaFrank Auburn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
178862005-02-03On The Beach With YouChester Leighton & His Sophomores0000-00-00   
178872005-02-03Now's The TimeKate Smith0000-00-00   
178882005-02-03Peanut Vendor (The)California Ramblers0000-00-00   
178892005-02-03I Need Lovin'Coon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
178902005-02-03Clementine (From New Orleans)Goofus Five0000-00-00   
178912005-02-03When My Sugar Walks Down The StreetMcKenzie's Candy Kids0000-00-00   
178922005-02-03Any Ice Today, LadyWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
178932005-02-03How Could I Be BlueJimmy Johnson & Clarence Williams0000-00-00   
178942005-02-03Them Things Got MeClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
178952005-02-03Slow And Easy ManBessie Smith0000-00-00   
178962005-02-03After You've GoneFats Waller - Bennie Payne0000-00-00   
178972005-02-03Doin' You GoodBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
178982005-02-03Farewell BluesCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
178992005-02-03If I Had A Talking Picture Of YouSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
179002005-02-03There's Oceans Of Love (By The Beautiful Sea)Alex Bartha & His Hotel Traymore Orch.0000-00-00   
179012005-02-03Broadway's Queen Of Jazz (Soundtrack)Frances Williams0000-00-00   
179022005-02-03Futuristic RhythmIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
179032005-02-03I Get The Blues When It RainsAnnette Hanshaw acc by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
179042005-02-03Bye Bye BluesBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
179052005-02-03I Can't Give You Anything But LoveRamona & Her Gang0000-00-00   
179062005-02-03Chasin' A BuckDick McDonough0000-00-00   
179072005-02-03I Can't Dance (I Got Ants In My Pants)Chick Bullock & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179082005-02-03Sunset Cafe StompLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00   
179092005-02-03Sunshine BluesMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
179102005-02-03Transatlantic StompE.C. Cobb & His Corn Eaters0000-00-00   
179112005-02-03MargieRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
179122005-02-03Miss YouLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
179132005-02-03Oh, BabyTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
179142005-02-03Sentimental Gentleman From GeorgiaBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
179152005-02-10Scandinavian StompWilliamson's Beale Street Frolic Orch.0000-00-00   
179162005-02-10Brown Skin FlapperSadie McKinney0000-00-00   
179172005-02-10Newport News BluesMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
179182005-02-10Florida RhythmRoss De Luxe Syncopators0000-00-00   
179192005-02-10Miss Annabelle LeeTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179202005-02-10It All Depends On YouRuth Etting0000-00-00   
179212005-02-10Since My Best Gal Turned Me DownJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179222005-02-10Nobody Cares If I'm BlueTed Wallace & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179232005-02-10Sleepy Time GalSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
179242005-02-10Wang-Wang BluesBen's Bad Boys0000-00-00   
179252005-02-10I'm Ka-Razy For YouHorace Heidt's Orch.0000-00-00   
179262005-02-10PanamaLuis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179272005-02-10You Rascal, YouConnie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
179282005-02-10Penalty Of Love (The)Bubber Miley & His Mileage Makers0000-00-00   
179292005-02-10Birmingham BreakdownChocolate Dandies (The)0000-00-00   
179302005-02-10Pump Song (The)Six Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
179312005-02-10Yale Blues (The)Dorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
179322005-02-10Who's That Knocking At My DoorLibby Holman0000-00-00   
179332005-02-10Mine - All MineCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
179342005-02-10Shooin' FliesBlue Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179352005-02-10You Never Did That BeforeSlim Lamar & His Southerners0000-00-00   
179362005-02-10One Sweet Letter From YouCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
179372005-02-10HullabalooAbe Lyman's California Orch.0000-00-00   
179382005-02-10That Rhythm ManLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179392005-02-10I Can't Give You Anything But LoveLouis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five0000-00-00   
179402005-02-10T'ain't Nobody's Fault But My OwnBessie Brown0000-00-00   
179412005-02-10I've Found A New BabyClarence Williams' Orch.0000-00-00   
179422005-02-10Between The Devil & The Deep Blue SeaRoane's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
179432005-02-10Just One More ChanceSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
179442005-02-10It's LoveGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179452005-02-10One Man Band (The)Ben Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179462005-02-10Baby Rose Marie The Child Wonder (Soundtrack)Baby Rose Marie0000-00-00   
179472005-02-10Lost My Baby BluesLanin's Arkansas Travelers0000-00-00   
179482005-02-10AnythingNapoleon's Emperors0000-00-00   
179492005-02-10I Have To Have YouAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
179502005-02-10Why Have You Forgotten WaikikiBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179512005-02-10My PetFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
179522005-02-10Allah's HolidayTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
179532005-02-10To Whom It May ConcernBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
179542005-02-10It's The GirlBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
179552005-02-10Beale Street BluesJoe Venuti - Eddie Lang & Their All-Star Orch.0000-00-00   
179562005-02-10Bessie Couldn't Help ItRube Bloom & His Bayou Boys0000-00-00   
179572005-02-10You Made Me Love YouMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
179582005-02-17Shake That ThingAbe Lyman's California Orch.0000-00-00   
179592005-02-17It's The BluesJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179602005-02-17Royal Garden BluesWolverine Orch.0000-00-00   
179612005-02-17I Love My BabyWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
179622005-02-17YearningRoy Carlson's Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
179632005-02-17I'm Crying 'Cause I Know I'm Losing YouCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
179642005-02-17I Don't Want Your Kisses (If I Can't Have Your Love)Jesse Stafford & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179652005-02-17I'm Havin' My FunHokum Trio0000-00-00   
179662005-02-17Once Or TwiceJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
179672005-02-17Echo BluesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
179682005-02-17Let's Sow A Wild OatJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
179692005-02-17Wild Oat JoeMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
179702005-02-17Just So-SoBoyd Senter0000-00-00   
179712005-02-17My PetSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
179722005-02-17Little Things In Life (The)Fred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179732005-02-17While You're Sneaking Out (Somebody Else Is Easin' In)George McClennon's Jazz Devils0000-00-00   
179742005-02-17Goin' Crazy With The BluesMamie Smith0000-00-00   
179752005-02-17Harlem ShuffleLloyd Scott's Orch.0000-00-00   
179762005-02-17StampedeSavoy Bearcats0000-00-00   
179772005-02-17Tale Of A Ticker (The)Frank Crumit0000-00-00   
179782005-02-17CoquetteGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
179792005-02-17Maybe It's LoveKate Smith0000-00-00   
179802005-02-17There's A Wah-Wah Gal In Agua CalienteIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179812005-02-17IsabellaJimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards0000-00-00   
179822005-02-17Down By The LeveeWynn's Creole Jazz Band0000-00-00   
179832005-02-17National BluesDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
179842005-02-17Put It ThereMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
179852005-02-17Limehouse BluesRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
179862005-02-17Give Me TodayCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
179872005-02-17If You Want The RainbowLee Morse0000-00-00   
179882005-02-17Kansas City KittyCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
179892005-02-17Honky Tonk (Film Soundtrack)Sophie Tucker0000-00-00   
179902005-02-17Ain't That A Grand And Glorious FeelingAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
179912005-02-17My Syncopated Melody ManRed McKenzie & His Music Box0000-00-00   
179922005-02-17HurricaneRed & Miff's Stompers0000-00-00   
179932005-02-17Mess-A-StompAndy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy0000-00-00   
179942005-02-17White Lightening BluesBennie Moten's Kansas City Orch.0000-00-00   
179952005-02-17Ruff Skufflin'George E. Lee & His Orch.0000-00-00   
179962005-02-17Here's That Party Now In PersonMill's Merry Makers0000-00-00   
179972005-02-17It Happened In MontereyRuth Etting0000-00-00   
179982005-02-17Sing You SinnersCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
179992005-02-17Pa's Old HatDixie Jazz Band0000-00-00   
180002005-02-24Four String JoeJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
180012005-02-24Rainbow DreamsEddie Lang0000-00-00   
180022005-02-24Under A Texas MoonGene Austin0000-00-00   
180032005-02-24Whistle And Blow Your Blues AwayJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180042005-02-2412th Street RagConnie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
180052005-02-24Feeling DrowsyHenry Allen & His New York Orch.0000-00-00   
180062005-02-24Papa De Da DaKing Oliver & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180072005-02-24Some Sweet DayMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
180082005-02-24Fifty Million Frenchmen Can't Be WrongSophie Tucker acc. by Miff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
180092005-02-24Tailspin BluesMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
180102005-02-24A Jazz HolidayBenny Goodman's Boys with Jim and Glenn0000-00-00   
180112005-02-24You're The Cream In My CoffeeTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180122005-02-24My Kinda LoveTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
180132005-02-24Way He Loves Is Just Too Bad (The)Libby Holman0000-00-00   
180142005-02-24Sweetheart BluesBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
180152005-02-24Handful Of KeysThomas Waller0000-00-00   
180162005-02-24You'll Long For MeClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
180172005-02-24Get Up Off Your KneesEthel Waters0000-00-00   
180182005-02-24Laughing StompVance Dixon & His Pencils0000-00-00   
180192005-02-24Get CannibalJoe Haymes & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180202005-02-24When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' ByThelma Terry & Her Boyfriends0000-00-00   
180212005-02-24So SweetIrving Mills & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180222005-02-24WhenPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180232005-02-24Got Butter On ItIkey Robinson & His Band0000-00-00   
180242005-02-24'Cause I Feel Low DownSammy Stewart & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180252005-02-24She's Crying For MeWynn's Creole Jazz Band0000-00-00   
180262005-02-24NightmareElgar's Creole Orch.0000-00-00   
180272005-02-24That's My IdeaMatty Crawford's Orch.0000-00-00   
180282005-02-24A Good Man Is Hard To FindWinegar's Penn. Boys0000-00-00   
180292005-02-24Wow-Wow BluesWhite Star Syncopators0000-00-00   
180302005-02-24Hard To Get GertieOriginal Indiana Five0000-00-00   
180312005-02-24Gus Arnheim & His Ambassadors (Film Soundtrack)Gus Arnheim Orch.0000-00-00   
180322005-02-24She's A Great Great GirlHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180332005-02-24Ukulele MoonFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180342005-02-24I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)Lee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
180352005-02-24Accordion JoeCornell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180362005-02-24Royal Garden BluesTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
180372005-02-24Dream A Little Dream Of MeTravelers (The)0000-00-00   
180382005-02-24Right Kind Of Man (The)Annette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
180392005-02-24Too BusyCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
180402005-02-24Navy BluesWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
180412005-02-24Don't Tell Him (What Happened To Me)Three Boswell Sisters (The)0000-00-00   
180422005-02-24Reaching For SomeoneFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180432005-02-24My Sweet VirginiaDurium Dance Band (The)0000-00-00   
180442005-03-03Hard LuckFloyd Mills & His Marylanders0000-00-00   
180452005-03-03Texas And Pacific BluesFrenchie's String Band0000-00-00   
180462005-03-03Syncopated Yodelin' ManRoy Evans0000-00-00   
180472005-03-03Rackett (The)Levee Syncopators0000-00-00   
180482005-03-03Oh MalindaTe Roy Williams & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180492005-03-03Funny Feathers BluesVictoria Spivey0000-00-00   
180502005-03-03I'm A Broken Hearted BlackbirdLeroy Smith & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180512005-03-03TogetherArnold Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180522005-03-03Down Georgia WayJack Purvis & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180532005-03-03Some Of These DaysSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
180542005-03-03Oh, Lady Be GoodLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
180552005-03-03I'm Feelin' DevilishDixie Stompers0000-00-00   
180562005-03-03What's The Matter NowSara Martin0000-00-00   
180572005-03-03Atlanta Black BottomFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00   
180582005-03-03Blue Black BottomThomas Waller0000-00-00   
180592005-03-03Happy Days Are Here AgainLeo Reisman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180602005-03-03Cheer Up! Good Times Are ComingPhil Spitalny's Music0000-00-00   
180612005-03-03I'm Keepin' CompanyRudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00   
180622005-03-03She Loves Me Just The SameHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180632005-03-03Missouri SquabblePlantation Serenaders0000-00-00   
180642005-03-03My Baby Knows HowRed Perkins & His Dixie Ramblers0000-00-00   
180652005-03-03Nobody Else Will DoEdmonia Henderson0000-00-00   
180662005-03-03Static StrutErskine Tate's Vendome Orch.0000-00-00   
180672005-03-03No Mo' Bench And BoardWilmoth Houdini acc. by Gerald Clark's Night Owls0000-00-00   
180682005-03-03Cooks In Trinadad (The)Wilmoth Houdini acc. by Gerald Clark's Night Owls0000-00-00   
180692005-03-03Barbados BluesJack Celestain & His Caribbean Stompers0000-00-00   
180702005-03-03Land Of The Humming BirdsSam Manning's Orch.0000-00-00   
180712005-03-03Farewell BluesWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
180722005-03-03BabyJimmy McHugh's Bostonians0000-00-00   
180732005-03-03'Deed I DoBen Pollack & His Californians0000-00-00   
180742005-03-03I'll Be Blue, Just Thinking Of YouBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
180752005-03-03Check & Double Check (Film Soundtrack)Duke Ellington & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180762005-03-03Don't Mess Around With MeMississippi Maulers0000-00-00   
180772005-03-03Nobody But YouSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
180782005-03-03Sweetest MelodyMills Musical Clowns0000-00-00   
180792005-03-03Lovin' Sam (The Sheik Of Alabam)Emmett Miller acc by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
180802005-03-03Remarkable GirlTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180812005-03-03SusiannaSam Lannin's Famous Players and Singers0000-00-00   
180822005-03-03Ida, Sweet As Apple CiderRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
180832005-03-03It All Depends On YouAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
180842005-03-03Roll On Mississippi, Roll OnGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180852005-03-03An Evening In CarolineTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
180862005-03-03Hello BabyWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
180872005-03-03Railroad ManIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
180882005-03-10Give Me Your Telephone NumberJ.C. Higginbotham & His Six Hicks0000-00-00   
180892005-03-10Song Of The SwanneeLuis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180902005-03-10When You're SmilingLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180912005-03-10It Looks Like SusieCab Calloway & His Orch.0000-00-00   
180922005-03-10Rarin' To GoOriginal Indiana Five0000-00-00   
180932005-03-10Nervous PuppiesMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
180942005-03-10He's Still My BabyLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
180952005-03-10After You've GoneCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
180962005-03-10A Good Man Is Hard To FindRed Heads (The)0000-00-00   
180972005-03-10You've Got To See Mama Every NightAileen Stanley - Billy Murray0000-00-00   
180982005-03-10YouNaylor's Seven Aces0000-00-00   
180992005-03-10Henry's Made A Lady Out Of LizzieSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
181002005-03-10Round EveningJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181012005-03-10Makin' Faces At The Man In The MoonKate Smith0000-00-00   
181022005-03-10Mighty BlueAbe Lyman's California Orch.0000-00-00   
181032005-03-10Wob-A-Ly WalkSammy Stewart & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181042005-03-10Jasper Taylor BluesOriginal Washboard Band with Jasper Taylor0000-00-00   
181052005-03-10Southern ShoutDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
181062005-03-10St. Louis BluesDixie Serenaders (The)0000-00-00   
181072005-03-10Who Wouldn't Be Jealous Of YouRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181082005-03-10That's My DesireSnooks & His Memphis Ramblers0000-00-00   
181092005-03-10That' s How I Feel About YouBelle Baker0000-00-00   
181102005-03-10Little Mary BrownBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181112005-03-10At The Jazz Band BallBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
181122005-03-10Jazz Me BluesWolverine Orch.0000-00-00   
181132005-03-10Riverboat ShuffleWolverine Orch.0000-00-00   
181142005-03-10Big BoyWolverine Orch.0000-00-00   
181152005-03-10Davenport BluesBix & His Rhythm Jugglers0000-00-00   
181162005-03-10IdolizingJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181172005-03-10ClementineJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181182005-03-10My Pretty GirlJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181192005-03-10Clarinet MarmaladeFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181202005-03-10Singin' The BluesFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181212005-03-10Ostrich WalkFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181222005-03-10Way Down Yonder In New OrleansFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181232005-03-10I'm Coming VirginiaFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181242005-03-10Wringin' An' Twistin'Tram, Bix And Lang0000-00-00   
181252005-03-10In A MistBix Beiderbecke0000-00-00   
181262005-03-10Krazy KatFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181272005-03-10ChangesPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181282005-03-10From Monday OnPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181292005-03-10You Took Advantage Of MePaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181302005-03-10Since My Best Gal Turned Me DownBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
181312005-03-10For No Reason At All In CTram, Bix And Lang0000-00-00   
181322005-03-10SorryBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
181332005-03-17IndianaMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
181342005-03-17SugarMcKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans0000-00-00   
181352005-03-17Jet Black BluesBlind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four0000-00-00   
181362005-03-17My Honey's Lovin' ArmsJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
181372005-03-17Five StepPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181382005-03-17I've Got A Feeling I'm FallingGene Austin0000-00-00   
181392005-03-17Bessie Couldn't Help ItSlatz Randall & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181402005-03-17East Coast TrotJunie Cobb's Hometown Band0000-00-00   
181412005-03-17Panama BluesState Street Stompers0000-00-00   
181422005-03-17Parson BluesRuben "River" Reeves & His River Boys0000-00-00   
181432005-03-17Take Your TimeJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
181442005-03-17I'm An Old CowhandChick Bullock & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181452005-03-17Any Corner Is A Cosy CornerGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181462005-03-17Dear Old SouthlandRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
181472005-03-17Tea For TwoWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
181482005-03-17Don't Bring LuluLittle Ramblers0000-00-00   
181492005-03-17I Wanna Be Loved By YouHelen Kane0000-00-00   
181502005-03-17Black BottomJohnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders0000-00-00   
181512005-03-17Blue SkiesWhispering Jack Smith0000-00-00   
181522005-03-17Waitin' For KatyFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
181532005-03-17Coffee In The Morning (And Kisses At Night)Jim & Bob (The Genial Hawaiians)0000-00-00   
181542005-03-17Somebody And MeGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
181552005-03-17Wabash BluesCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
181562005-03-17Hot NotesSavoy Bearcats0000-00-00   
181572005-03-17You Ain't The OneCharlie Johnson's Paradise Ten0000-00-00   
181582005-03-17Sweet MistreaterBessie Smith0000-00-00   
181592005-03-17Doin' The FrogDuke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orch.0000-00-00   
181602005-03-17Give It To Me Right AwayBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
181612005-03-17Oh! Mo'nahJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181622005-03-17Wedding Of The BirdsFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181632005-03-17Crazy RhythmRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181642005-03-17Hold Everything (Film Soundtrack)Abe Lyman's Orch.0000-00-00   
181652005-03-17Here Comes The Hot Tamale ManCook & His Dreamland Orch.0000-00-00   
181662005-03-17Black Cat MoanTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
181672005-03-17Sugar Foot StompKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
181682005-03-17That's You BabyCarolina Club Orch.0000-00-00   
181692005-03-17Crying For The CarolinesRuth Etting0000-00-00   
181702005-03-17My Melancholy BabyDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
181712005-03-17I Think You're A HoneyFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181722005-03-17Under Your Window TonightOwen Fallon & His Californians0000-00-00   
181732005-03-17Someday SweetheartTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
181742005-03-17I'm Happy When You're HappySnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
181752005-03-17True Blue LouAnnette Hanshaw acc. by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
181762005-03-17Thank Your FatherRudy Marlow & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181772005-03-17Ballin' The JackLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
181782005-03-24Alexander's Ragtime BandJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181792005-03-24DinahJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
181802005-03-24Who's That Knockin' At My DoorAnnette Hanshaw & Her Sizzlin' Syncopators0000-00-00   
181812005-03-24You Know Better Than ThatDubin's Dandies0000-00-00   
181822005-03-24California BluesLyman's California Ambassador Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
181832005-03-24She's Still My BabyDevine's Wisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
181842005-03-24Some Of These DaysCab Calloway & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181852005-03-24Scotty BluesMissourians (The)0000-00-00   
181862005-03-24Casey Jones SpecialAndy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy0000-00-00   
181872005-03-24Hello, BeautifulGil Rodin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181882005-03-24Broadway RoseDick McDonough & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181892005-03-24Is She My Girl FriendRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181902005-03-24There's A New Day Comin'Sam Ross Silvertown Orch.0000-00-00   
181912005-03-24Cigarettes, CigarsFlorence Desmond0000-00-00   
181922005-03-24They SatisfyKing Cole & His Musical Weavers0000-00-00   
181932005-03-24A Monday DateLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00   
181942005-03-24It's Tight Like ThatJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
181952005-03-24Boodle-Am ShakeDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
181962005-03-24My Troubles Are OverTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
181972005-03-24I Like A Little Girl Like ThatSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
181982005-03-24My Kinda LoveNapoleon's Emperors0000-00-00   
181992005-03-24Low Down RhythmHot Air Men0000-00-00   
182002005-03-24I Gotta Have YouMidnight Airedales0000-00-00   
182012005-03-24Too Many TearsEddie Kirkeby & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182022005-03-24I've Got My Fingers CrossedFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
182032005-03-24Sweet MadnessAdrian Rollini & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182042005-03-24One More TimeGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182052005-03-24Jersey LightningLuis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182062005-03-24Ev'rybody Mess AroundEthel Waters & Her Jazz Band0000-00-00   
182072005-03-24Laughing At LifeMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
182082005-03-24I Couldn't If I Wanted TooIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
182092005-03-24A Good Man Is Hard To FindTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
182102005-03-24That's My Weakness NowCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
182112005-03-24Under The MoonFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
182122005-03-24Blue, Turning Grey Over YouLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
182132005-03-24Was That The Human Thing To DoBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182142005-03-24Nothin' Does-Does Like It Used To Do-Do-DoCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
182152005-03-24So The Bluebirds And The Blackbirds Got TogetherPaul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys0000-00-00   
182162005-03-24When I Take My Sugar To TeaFrank Auburn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182172005-03-24Here Comes Emily BrownCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
182182005-03-31My AngelineMississippi Maulers0000-00-00   
182192005-03-31Wasn't It NiceCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
182202005-03-31Wabash BluesBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
182212005-03-31Me Minus YouRudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00   
182222005-03-31My Sunday GirlWhispering Jack Smith0000-00-00   
182232005-03-31From Monday OnRed McKenzie & His Music Box0000-00-00   
182242005-03-31Dyin' With The BluesAlex Hill & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182252005-03-31Don't Give It AwayHarry Dial's Blusicians0000-00-00   
182262005-03-31Plain DirtMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
182272005-03-31Sweet VioletsJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182282005-03-31What Kind O' Man Is YouEd Lang & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182292005-03-31Slue FootCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
182302005-03-31Jazz PieJoe Haymes & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182312005-03-31Doggone, I've Done ItBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
182322005-03-31Dream SweetheartImperial Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
182332005-03-31Dismal DanJack Purvis & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182342005-03-31Nobody Cares If I'm BlueLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
182352005-03-31Roll On, Mississippi, Roll OnSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
182362005-03-31Some Of These DaysLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182372005-03-31Sweet Savannah SueLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182382005-03-31It's A Great Life After AllDon Redman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182392005-03-31Mickey Mouse's Birthday PartyInternational Novelty Orch.0000-00-00   
182402005-03-31On The AlamoRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
182412005-03-31One Little KissCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
182422005-03-31I Like What You LikeFour Instrumental Stars0000-00-00   
182432005-03-31Penn Beach BluesJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
182442005-03-31Bend Down SisterJimmie Grier & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182452005-03-31Roll Up The CarpetsBlack Pirates (The)0000-00-00   
182462005-03-31Memphis BluesWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
182472005-03-31Free And Easy (The)Sam Lannin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182482005-03-31Doin' The New Low DownIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
182492005-03-31Maybe, Who KnowsKate Smith acc by The Harmonians0000-00-00   
182502005-03-31I've Got A Feeling I'm FallingTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
182512005-03-31(You're Just A Great Big) Baby DollTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182522005-03-31She's Funny That WayTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
182532005-03-31GloriannaWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
182542005-03-31Come On, BabyFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
182552005-03-31We Just Couldn't Say GoodbyeBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
182562005-03-31Minnie The MermaidBernie Cummins & His Hotel New Yorker Orch.0000-00-00   
182572005-03-31Futuristic RhythmIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
182582005-04-07Bugle Call BluesJack Pettis & His Pets0000-00-00   
182592005-04-07Rush Inn BluesWhoopee Makers (The)0000-00-00   
182602005-04-07Rollin' Down The RiverGene Austin0000-00-00   
182612005-04-07What's The UseIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182622005-04-07Shoot 'EmWashboard Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
182632005-04-07You're Not The Only Oyster In The StewFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
182642005-04-07Swing ItBenny Carter & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182652005-04-07Just The SameRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182662005-04-07I'll Never Be The SameEddie Lang0000-00-00   
182672005-04-07When The Moon Comes Over The MountainKate Smith0000-00-00   
182682005-04-07SwaneeLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
182692005-04-07Jazz Me BluesBert Lown & His Loungers0000-00-00   
182702005-04-07Sad MomentsHerb Weidoeft & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182712005-04-07Brown SugarHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182722005-04-07That's All There Is (There Ain't No More)Coon - Sanders Original Nighthawk Orch.0000-00-00   
182732005-04-07That's My GirlWarner's Seven Aces0000-00-00   
182742005-04-07Atlanta GalCharles Fulcher & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182752005-04-07I Don't Love Nobody But YouPhil Baxter & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182762005-04-07That's A PlentySlim Lamar & His Southerners0000-00-00   
182772005-04-07Low Down RhythmHollywood Shufflers0000-00-00   
182782005-04-07Unlucky BluesIvory Chittison & Banjo Joe0000-00-00   
182792005-04-07Jones Law Blues (The)Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orch.0000-00-00   
182802005-04-07HullabalooMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
182812005-04-07BorneoJack Hilton & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182822005-04-07Louisiana, That's My HomeHarris Brother's Texans0000-00-00   
182832005-04-07You'll Recognize My BabyGeorge Belshaw & His KFAB Orch.0000-00-00   
182842005-04-07SorryRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182852005-04-07PanamaRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
182862005-04-07Right Or WrongEmmett Miller acc. by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
182872005-04-07There'll Be Some Changes MadeSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
182882005-04-07I Miss A Little MissBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182892005-04-07Opry House (The) - Film SoundtrackMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
182902005-04-07Happy FeetPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182912005-04-07Hot HeelsEd Lang & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182922005-04-07If I Can't Have YouAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
182932005-04-07She Belongs To MeCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
182942005-04-07Holding My Honey's HandRuss Carlson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
182952005-04-07Where The Shy Little Violets GrowSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
182962005-04-07Yellow Dog BluesTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
182972005-04-07We'll Be Married In JuneAdrian Schubert's Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
182982005-04-07It Seems To Be SpringSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
182992005-04-07Hand Me Down My Walking CaneBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
183002005-04-07On Account-a I Love YouSmith Ballew & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183012005-04-14China BoyHenry Lange & His Baker Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
183022005-04-14When My Sugar Walks Down The StreetMarigold Entertainers (The)0000-00-00   
183032005-04-14Prairie BluesSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
183042005-04-14Sweet Jennie LeeSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
183052005-04-14Baby FaceJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183062005-04-14I've Found A New BabyGeorgia Melodians0000-00-00   
183072005-04-14Hot-Hot-HottentotRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183082005-04-14I'm The Last Of The Red Hot MamasHerman Kenin & His Ambassador Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
183092005-04-14Sleepy Time GalArt Landry & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183102005-04-14If I Can't Have YouLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
183112005-04-14My Suppressed DesireCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
183122005-04-14Sidewalk BluesJelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers0000-00-00   
183132005-04-14Golden LilyTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
183142005-04-14Let's Get TogetherJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
183152005-04-14I Know That You KnowJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
183162005-04-14Pardon Me, Pretty BabyFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183172005-04-14Rockin' ChairFrank Auburn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183182005-04-14You Don't Know What You're Doin'Gus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183192005-04-14Moonlight March (The)Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
183202005-04-14It's Tight Like ThatLuis Russell & His Burning Eight0000-00-00   
183212005-04-14House Of David BluesConnie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
183222005-04-14I Want Every Bit Of ItSara Martin acc. by Clarence Williams' Blue Five0000-00-00   
183232005-04-14Hejre KatiEddie South & His International Orch.0000-00-00   
183242005-04-14How Could Red Riding HoodSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
183252005-04-14LouiseFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183262005-04-14Rhythm KingBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
183272005-04-14You Wouldn't Fool Me Would YouAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
183282005-04-14Piccolo PeteTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183292005-04-14I'm More That SatisfiedGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
183302005-04-14I'm Bringing A Red, Red RoseRuth Etting0000-00-00   
183312005-04-14Arkansas BluesMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
183322005-04-14Music Shop (The) (Film Soundtrack)Dick Henderson0000-00-00   
183332005-04-14Original Dixieland One-StepGrant Moore & His New Orleans Black Devils0000-00-00   
183342005-04-14Dreaming 'Bout My ManHunter's Serenaders0000-00-00   
183352005-04-14I Ain't Got NobodyLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183362005-04-14Any TimeClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
183372005-04-14HarveyIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
183382005-04-14Shine On Harvest MoonBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
183392005-04-14I've Got A Sweet Somebody To Love MeTravelers (The)0000-00-00   
183402005-04-14What A DayMason - Dixon Orch.0000-00-00   
183412005-04-14If I Had YouFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
183422005-04-14I Wanna Sing About YouBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183432005-04-14Shout Hallejulah! 'Cause I'm HomeBennie's Louisville Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
183442005-04-14Tickling The StringsKing Nawahi's Hawaiians0000-00-00   
183452005-04-21Syncopated JamboreeRoy Carlson's Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
183462005-04-21I've Got The San Francisco BluesSix Black Diamonds0000-00-00   
183472005-04-21"Throw Down" Blues (The)Ambassadors (The)0000-00-00   
183482005-04-21Ain't She SweetJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
183492005-04-21Richmond StompState Street Ramblers0000-00-00   
183502005-04-21Need More BluesSouth Street Trio0000-00-00   
183512005-04-21Dance Hall ShuffleClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
183522005-04-21Steamboat BillPaul Tremaine & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183532005-04-21Ol' Man RiverPaul Whiteman & His Concert Orch.0000-00-00   
183542005-04-21There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth The Salt Of My TearsLibby Holman0000-00-00   
183552005-04-21Out Of The DawnDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
183562005-04-21Five Foot Two, Eyes Of BlueArt Landry & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183572005-04-21I've Got The GirlGoofus Five0000-00-00   
183582005-04-21Sweetheart Of All My DreamsJohnny Marvin0000-00-00   
183592005-04-21Cheerful Little EarfulFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183602005-04-21Thumpin' And Bumpin'Eubie Blake & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183612005-04-21Loveless LoveDave's Harlem Highlights0000-00-00   
183622005-04-21Pickpocket BluesBessie Smith0000-00-00   
183632005-04-21Nobody's SweetheartMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
183642005-04-21Maybe You'll Be The One To CareHerb Wiedoeft & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183652005-04-21I'm Doin' What I'm Doin' For LoveHerman Kenin & His Ambassador Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
183662005-04-21What Kind Of Noise Annoys An OysterFrank Crumit0000-00-00   
183672005-04-21Love Is Like ThatHigh Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
183682005-04-21Get HappyTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
183692005-04-21Singing A Vagabond SongTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
183702005-04-21You'll Never Get To Heaven That WayConnie Boswell0000-00-00   
183712005-04-21You've Got EverythingAdrian Rollini & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183722005-04-21I Like What I Like Like I Like ItHarry Dial's Blusicians0000-00-00   
183732005-04-21Hastings St.Blind Blake - Charlie Spand0000-00-00   
183742005-04-21St. James InfirmaryGeorge E. Lee & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183752005-04-21Cafe CapersElgar's Creole Orch.0000-00-00   
183762005-04-21Phil Spitalny & His Musical Queens (Film Soundtrack)Phil Spitalny Orch.0000-00-00   
183772005-04-21Yaaka Hula Hickey DulaRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
183782005-04-21BabyPaul Small0000-00-00   
183792005-04-21Way Back HomeBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
183802005-04-21Good For You, Bad For MeWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
183812005-04-21Dixieland Doin'sTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
183822005-04-21Save It, Pretty MamaLouis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five0000-00-00   
183832005-04-21Sobbin' BluesKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
183842005-04-21WhyBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183852005-04-21There's A Cabin In The PinesMildred Bailey0000-00-00   
183862005-04-21No One Loves Me Like That Dallas ManChick Bullock & His Levee Loungers0000-00-00   
183872005-04-21Put And TakeJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
183882005-04-28Sweet And HotFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183892005-04-28Dee BluesChocolate Dandies0000-00-00   
183902005-04-28Have To Change Keys To Play These BluesLonnie Johnson & Blind Willie Dunn0000-00-00   
183912005-04-28Slide Mr. Jelly, SlideFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00   
183922005-04-28Four-Four RhythmPaul Tremaine & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183932005-04-28ChloeSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
183942005-04-28Where The Wild, Wild Flowers GrowRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183952005-04-28Hittin' The CeilingSmith Ballew & His Orch.0000-00-00   
183962005-04-28Big City BluesAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
183972005-04-28Dancing With Tears In My EyesNat Shilkret & The Victor Orch.0000-00-00   
183982005-04-28He's The Last WordBen Pollack & His Californians0000-00-00   
183992005-04-28Red Hot Henry BrownCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
184002005-04-28Got No TimeLittle Ramblers0000-00-00   
184012005-04-28Deep Wide Ocean BluesLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
184022005-04-28I'm Gonna Charleston Back To CharlestonCoon - Sanders Orginal Nighthawk Orch.0000-00-00   
184032005-04-28Chant Of The WeedDon Redman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184042005-04-28Shakin' The AfricanDon Redman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184052005-04-28Ain't Misbehavin'Thomas Waller0000-00-00   
184062005-04-28Louisiana SwingLuis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184072005-04-28Hello BabyHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184082005-04-28Kissable BabySnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
184092005-04-28Love, You Funny ThingKate Smith0000-00-00   
184102005-04-28How's Your UncleHigh Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
184112005-04-28Dallas BluesLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184122005-04-28Song Of The IslandsLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184132005-04-28Yes Suh!Rhythmakers (The)0000-00-00   
184142005-04-28Hop OffFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184152005-04-28Nobody's SweetheartGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
184162005-04-28I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister KateBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
184172005-04-28Spell Of The Blues (The)Dorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
184182005-04-28Some FunIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
184192005-04-28A Million Me's (Film Soundtrack)Lee Morse0000-00-00   
184202005-04-28"Sizzling" One-Step MedleyFrank Trumbauer & His Orch. with Johnny Mercer & The Ni0000-00-00   
184212005-04-28Crying For The CarolinesWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
184222005-04-28(I'm Still Without A Sweetheart) With Summer Coming OnRuth Etting0000-00-00   
184232005-04-28Love Ain't Nothing But The BluesTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
184242005-04-28What's The ReasonArnold Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184252005-04-28Mary JaneMelotone Boys0000-00-00   
184262005-04-28I'm Sure Of Everything But YouTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
184272005-04-28Sweet Ida JoyCotton Pickers0000-00-00   
184282005-04-28It's An Old Spanish Custom In The MoonlightRoy Evans0000-00-00   
184292005-04-28Pretty TrixJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
184302005-04-28Everybody Loves My BabyBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
184312005-05-05Hello, Swanee, HelloWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
184322005-05-05Can't You Hear Me Callin', CarolineRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
184332005-05-05There'll Be Some Changes MadeRed McKenzie & His Music Box0000-00-00   
184342005-05-05PerfectEddie Lang0000-00-00   
184352005-05-05You're Simply DelishBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
184362005-05-05Moanin' LowSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
184372005-05-05There Ain't No "Maybe" In My Baby's EyesJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184382005-05-05Milenberg JoysLil Hardaway's Orch.0000-00-00   
184392005-05-05Gates BluesJimmy Wade & His Dixielanders0000-00-00   
184402005-05-05Love BluesDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
184412005-05-05Spanish MamaCook & His Dreamland Orch.0000-00-00   
184422005-05-05Sing A New SongJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184432005-05-05Lucky Little DevilMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
184442005-05-05My Man Is On The MakeColonial Club Orch.0000-00-00   
184452005-05-05Fit As A FiddleRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184462005-05-05Ace In The HoleAl Katz & His Kittens0000-00-00   
184472005-05-05You Don't Like It - Not MuchSol Wagner & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184482005-05-05It's A Lonesome Old TownSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
184492005-05-05LouiseBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
184502005-05-05Sweet Sue - Just YouFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
184512005-05-05Spider CrawlBilly Banks & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184522005-05-05Blues Singer From Alabam (The)Bessie Brown0000-00-00   
184532005-05-05In Harlem's ArabyMemphis Jazzers0000-00-00   
184542005-05-05VibraphoniaJoe Venuti & His Blue Five0000-00-00   
184552005-05-05ContentedPonce Sisters0000-00-00   
184562005-05-05My Melancholy BabyChick Bullock0000-00-00   
184572005-05-05EmalineBenny Goodman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184582005-05-05Let Me Sing And I'm HappyRudy Marlow & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184592005-05-05Maybe, Who KnowsTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
184602005-05-05By My SideLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
184612005-05-05Captain Henry's Show Boat (Film Soundtrack)Don Vorhees Orch.0000-00-00   
184622005-05-05Yes Sir, That's My BabyGeorgia Melodians0000-00-00   
184632005-05-05Tell Me Little DaisyWinegar's Penn. Boys0000-00-00   
184642005-05-05I Left My Sugar Standing In The RainGoofus Five0000-00-00   
184652005-05-05Weary WeaselLyman's California Ambassador Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
184662005-05-05Hotter Than ThatLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00   
184672005-05-05Yes Indeed He DoBessie Smith0000-00-00   
184682005-05-05Fare Thee Honey BluesJimmy Johnson & His Band0000-00-00   
184692005-05-05Mysterious MoseTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184702005-05-05When You're SmilingLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
184712005-05-05Dixie JamboreeFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184722005-05-05Farewell BluesMills Merry Makers0000-00-00   
184732005-05-12Sweet Georgia BrownOliver Naylor's Orch.0000-00-00   
184742005-05-12There Ain't No "Maybe" In My Baby's EyesWhispering Jack Smith0000-00-00   
184752005-05-12Dry MartiniJack Pettis & His Pets0000-00-00   
184762005-05-12HindustanBen Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orch.0000-00-00   
184772005-05-12Deep HollowGarden Dancing Palace Orch.0000-00-00   
184782005-05-12I Like To Do Things For YouFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184792005-05-12Somebody Loves MeHenry Lange & His Baker Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
184802005-05-12Ain't Misbehavin'Louis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184812005-05-12St. Louis BluesLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184822005-05-12Tain't Nobody's Business If I DoSara Martin0000-00-00   
184832005-05-12My Mamma's In TownFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00   
184842005-05-12Look In The MirrorFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
184852005-05-12You Ain't Got Nothin' I WantMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
184862005-05-12I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister KateGoofus Five0000-00-00   
184872005-05-12Peg Leg StompHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184882005-05-12Tiger RagTom Dorsey0000-00-00   
184892005-05-12Blue GuitarsLonnie Johnson & Blind Willie Dunn0000-00-00   
184902005-05-12Postage StompMaynard Baird & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184912005-05-12We Can't Use Each Other Any MoreSunny Clapp & His Band O' Sunshine0000-00-00   
184922005-05-12There's Nothing Too Good For My BabyGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184932005-05-12Shirt Tail StompBen's Bad Boys0000-00-00   
184942005-05-12Old Fashioned RomanceLee Morse with Novelty Acc.0000-00-00   
184952005-05-12DustKarl Radlach & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184962005-05-12Slow RiverJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184972005-05-12TrumbologyFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
184982005-05-12Glad Rag DollRuth Etting0000-00-00   
184992005-05-12Hello, BeautifulSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
185002005-05-12Jazz BattleJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
185012005-05-12Petter's Stomp (The)Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
185022005-05-12My Daddy Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
185032005-05-12Tell Me, CutieState Street Ramblers0000-00-00   
185042005-05-12Jazzmania Quintette (The) (Film Soundtrack)Stoll, Flynn & Company0000-00-00   
185052005-05-12Doin' The RumbaIrving Mills & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185062005-05-12Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
185072005-05-12Mean To MeAnnette Hanshaw acc by The New England Yankees0000-00-00   
185082005-05-12Fine And DandyTravelers (The)0000-00-00   
185092005-05-12Red Head BluesArkansas Travelers (The)0000-00-00   
185102005-05-12Feelin' No PainRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
185112005-05-12Alexander's Ragtime BandMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
185122005-05-12After You've GoneCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
185132005-05-12What A DayTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185142005-05-12Blue ShadowsSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
185152005-05-12Cooking Breakfast For The One I LoveRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185162005-05-12Forty-Second StreetBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
185172005-05-19At The PromIrving Mills & His Modernist0000-00-00   
185182005-05-19Spanish DreamJack Pettis & His Pets0000-00-00   
185192005-05-19Moanin' LowCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
185202005-05-19WaterlooBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
185212005-05-19SundayJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185222005-05-19I Ain't Got NobodyCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
185232005-05-19Back In Your Own BackyardJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185242005-05-19Grass Is Getting Greener (The)Victor Young & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185252005-05-19Here You Come With LoveFreddy Martin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185262005-05-19Something To Remember You ByHelen Morgan0000-00-00   
185272005-05-19A Shine On Your ShoesRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185282005-05-19Savoy ShoutLuis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185292005-05-19Harlem DragCharlie Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185302005-05-19Me And My GinBessie Smith0000-00-00   
185312005-05-19Greasy Plate StompTrombone Red & His Blue Six0000-00-00   
185322005-05-19Tain't So, Honey, 'Tain't SoJoe Venuti & His New Yorkers0000-00-00   
185332005-05-19It Was Only A Sun ShowerAnnette Hanshaw & Her Sizzlin' Syncopators0000-00-00   
185342005-05-19Happy-Go-Lucky YouHarold Van Embrugh & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185352005-05-19Chinatown, My ChinatownRoane's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
185362005-05-19Me And The Man In The MoonCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
185372005-05-19You're Lucky To MeFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185382005-05-19CharmaineGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
185392005-05-19Every Little ThingJackie Souders & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185402005-05-19Parkway StompAlbert Wynn & His Gut Bucket Five0000-00-00   
185412005-05-19Midnight MamaLevee Serenaders0000-00-00   
185422005-05-19How Can You Have The BluesKansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom0000-00-00   
185432005-05-19Shake That Jelly RollJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
185442005-05-19DinahJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185452005-05-19HomeDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
185462005-05-19I'll Never Have To Dream AgainRudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00   
185472005-05-19Cheerful Little EarfulBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185482005-05-19Metro Movietone Revue #3Jack Pepper0000-00-00   
185492005-05-19SmilesRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
185502005-05-19Dip Your Brush In The SunshineTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
185512005-05-19If I Can't Have YouSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
185522005-05-19Fat Man BluesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
185532005-05-19Hen Party BluesDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
185542005-05-19Papa Skag StompRuben "River" Reeves & His River Boys0000-00-00   
185552005-05-19I HeardWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
185562005-05-19Stay As Sweet As You AreRuth Etting0000-00-00   
185572005-05-19She Reminds Me Of YouPaul Hamilton & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185582005-05-19One Note Trumpet PlayerJoe Haymes & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185592005-05-26Bugle Call RagWhoopee Makers (The)0000-00-00   
185602005-05-26Dirty DogWhoopee Makers (The)0000-00-00   
185612005-05-26SanMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
185622005-05-26She Wouldn't Do (What I Asked Her To)Arcadia Peacock Orch. Of St. Louis0000-00-00   
185632005-05-26My Four ReasonsIvory Chittison & Banjo Joe0000-00-00   
185642005-05-26Drifting And DreamingFess Williams & His Joy Boys0000-00-00   
185652005-05-26New Orleans StompJohnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers0000-00-00   
185662005-05-26Them Good Old Days Are Coming Back AgainBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185672005-05-26Clouds Will Soon Roll By (The)Graham Prince & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185682005-05-26Out Of NowhereGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185692005-05-26Sittin' On A LogAdrian Rollini & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185702005-05-26Hot LipsBill Brown & His Brownies0000-00-00   
185712005-05-26I Need YouClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
185722005-05-26Lock And KeyBessie Smith0000-00-00   
185732005-05-26Baby Won't You Please Come HomeFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185742005-05-26I Can't Dance, I Got Ants In My PantsNat Gonella & His Trumpet0000-00-00   
185752005-05-26Way Back HomeBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
185762005-05-26Now's The Time To Fall In LoveVictor Young & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185772005-05-26I'm An Unemployed SweetheartLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
185782005-05-26A Bench In The ParkPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
185792005-05-26Under A Texas MoonCarolina Club Orch.0000-00-00   
185802005-05-26Half-Way To HeavenCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
185812005-05-26Cinderella BrownCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
185822005-05-26How Could I Be BlueSavoy Bearcats0000-00-00   
185832005-05-26Hot-Tempered BluesCharlie Johnson's Paradise Ten0000-00-00   
185842005-05-26Can't Be Bothered With No SheikRosa Henderson0000-00-00   
185852005-05-26Never Swat A FlyMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
185862005-05-26Without That GalHenny Hendrickson & His Louisville Serenaders0000-00-00   
185872005-05-26SoonRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
185882005-05-26If I Have To Go On Without YouKate Smith0000-00-00   
185892005-05-26Just A Blue-Eyed BlondeHigh Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
185902005-05-26Am I Blue / Underneath The Harlem MoonEthel Waters0000-00-00   
185912005-05-26Dan The Elevator ManSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
185922005-05-26Glad Rag DollTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
185932005-05-26Lazy Lou'siana MoonFrank Ferera's Hawaiian Trio0000-00-00   
185942005-05-26We Love UsCoon -Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
185952005-05-26Third RailWalter Barnes & His Royal Creolians0000-00-00   
185962005-05-26When I Stopped Runnin' I Was At HomeDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
185972005-05-26Steel String BluesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
185982005-05-26Chicago BreakdownLouis Armstrong & His Hot Seven0000-00-00   
185992005-05-26Come On, BabyTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186002005-05-26I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)Ruth Etting0000-00-00   
186012005-05-26You Can't Cheat A CheaterNapoleon's Emperors0000-00-00   
186022005-05-26Little GirlJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
186032005-06-02Too BusyCharlie Straight & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186042005-06-02Sweet LizaGeorge Belshaw & His KFAB Orch.0000-00-00   
186052005-06-02Blue BluesMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
186062005-06-02He's The Hottest Man In TownGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
186072005-06-02Washboard WigglesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
186082005-06-02West End BluesZach Whyte's Chocolate Beau Brummels0000-00-00   
186092005-06-02ZonkyBill Brown & His Brownies0000-00-00   
186102005-06-02I'm More Than SatisfiedWillard Robison & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186112005-06-02My PetFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186122005-06-02Because My Baby Don't Mean "Maybe" NowRuth Etting0000-00-00   
186132005-06-02There's A Blue Ridge In My Heart, VirginiaJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186142005-06-02No Foolin'California Ramblers0000-00-00   
186152005-06-02Once Over LightlyJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
186162005-06-02HurricaneMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
186172005-06-02Bow To Your PapaBlythe And Clark0000-00-00   
186182005-06-02You Left Me AloneJames Robinson0000-00-00   
186192005-06-02Memphis Jug BluesMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
186202005-06-02Don't Cry, HoneyJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
186212005-06-02Loving You The Way I DoBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
186222005-06-02That's How I Feel About YouGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
186232005-06-02Can't You SeePaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186242005-06-02Rose Of MontereyHerman Kenin & His Multnomah Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
186252005-06-02I Got The Ritz From The One I LoveJack Teagarden & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186262005-06-02A Hundred Years From TodayJack Teagarden0000-00-00   
186272005-06-02Would You Like To Take A WalkMelotone Boys0000-00-00   
186282005-06-02Nothing To Do But LoveSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
186292005-06-02From Saturday Night To Monday MorningTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186302005-06-02Oh, BabyHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186312005-06-02I Still Go On Wanting YouBelle Baker0000-00-00   
186322005-06-02Between The Devil & The Deep Blue SeaBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186332005-06-02Pie Pie Blackbird (Film Soundtrack)Eubie Blake & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186342005-06-02Futuristic RhythmBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
186352005-06-02I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabyTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
186362005-06-02I'm Doin' What I'm Doin' For LoveColonial Club Orch.0000-00-00   
186372005-06-02Egyptian EllaSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
186382005-06-02Pepper SteakWashboard Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
186392005-06-02Organ Grinder BluesEthel Waters0000-00-00   
186402005-06-02My Pretty GirlFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186412005-06-02Navy BluesHot Air Men0000-00-00   
186422005-06-02If It Ain't LoveBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
186432005-06-02What A Night For SpooningWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
186442005-06-02Raggin' The ScaleJoe Venuti - Eddie Lang Blue Five0000-00-00   
186452005-06-09Get Yourself A Sweetie And Kiss Your Troubles AwayTom Gott & His Rose Room Orch.0000-00-00   
186462005-06-09Are You BlueRed Dandies (The)0000-00-00   
186472005-06-09What'll You DoSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
186482005-06-09Say "Yes" TodayRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186492005-06-09My SinCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
186502005-06-09Pardon Me Pretty BabyWhispering Jack Smith0000-00-00   
186512005-06-09Prickly HeatBoyd Senter0000-00-00   
186522005-06-09Knee DropsLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00   
186532005-06-09MugglesLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186542005-06-09Georgia ManTeddy Peters0000-00-00   
186552005-06-09SanJohnny Dodds' Trio0000-00-00   
186562005-06-09Sweet Jennie LeeLloyd Newton & His Varsity Eleven0000-00-00   
186572005-06-09Let's Have Another Cup Of CoffeeWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
186582005-06-09Mean To MeSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
186592005-06-09Sleep, Come On And Take MeRuss Carlson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186602005-06-09Sing (It's Good For You)Dorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
186612005-06-09Lawd, You Made The Night Too LongImperial Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
186622005-06-09Just An Echo In The ValleyRudy Vallee0000-00-00   
186632005-06-09There's A Wah-Wah Gal In Agua CalienteRube Bloom & His Bayou Boys0000-00-00   
186642005-06-09Doin' The Jug-JugTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
186652005-06-09Beau Koo JackOmer Simeon0000-00-00   
186662005-06-09Garden Of Joy BluesDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
186672005-06-09Ace Of RhythmJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
186682005-06-09Ten Little Miles From TownBen Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orch.0000-00-00   
186692005-06-09BabyNew Orleans Blackbirds0000-00-00   
186702005-06-09TogetherCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
186712005-06-09Dancing With Tears In My EyesJoe Venuti & His New Yorkers0000-00-00   
186722005-06-09On The Night We Did The Boom-BoomFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
186732005-06-09DixieFred Elizalde & His Hot Music0000-00-00   
186742005-06-09I've Got A Feeling I'm FallingAnnette Hanshaw acc by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
186752005-06-09I'm Just Wild About HarryRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
186762005-06-09Smash Your Baggage (Film Soundtrack)Elmer Snowden's Small's Paradise Band0000-00-00   
186772005-06-09Them There EyesHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186782005-06-09You're My EverythingBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186792005-06-09Russian LullabyTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
186802005-06-09That's My Weakness NowAbe Lyman's Californians0000-00-00   
186812005-06-09Georgia's Always On My MindGulf Coast Seven0000-00-00   
186822005-06-09Shag NastyFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00   
186832005-06-09Feelin' The SpiritLuis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186842005-06-09After You've GoneMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
186852005-06-09An Evening In CarolineBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
186862005-06-09Someday SweetheartJoe Venuti - Eddie Lang & Their All-Star Orch.0000-00-00   
186872005-06-09Walkin' The DogEd Lang & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186882005-06-16That's Where The South BeginsRed & His Big Ten0000-00-00   
186892005-06-16Deep River BluesWhitey Kaufman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186902005-06-16I Lost My Gal From MemphisRoy Evans0000-00-00   
186912005-06-16I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)Little Ramblers (The)0000-00-00   
186922005-06-16Manhattan MaryPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186932005-06-16More Than You KnowLibby Holman0000-00-00   
186942005-06-16Here Comes The SunBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
186952005-06-16Birmingham Black BottomCharlie Johnson's Original Paradise Ten0000-00-00   
186962005-06-16Top And BottomJoe Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00   
186972005-06-16Cushion Foot StompSara Martin0000-00-00   
186982005-06-16Bringing Home The BaconGeorgians (The) With Blossom Seeley0000-00-00   
186992005-06-16Best BlackMcKenzie's Candy Kids0000-00-00   
187002005-06-16Blue Grass BluesAl Siegel's Orch.0000-00-00   
187012005-06-16Chili BluesBill Haid's Cubs0000-00-00   
187022005-06-16Collegiate LoveCornell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187032005-06-16You're Lucky To MeCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
187042005-06-16Down On The DeltaBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
187052005-06-16Lost MotionJoe Haymes & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187062005-06-16Bull Fiddle RagMidnight Rambers (The)0000-00-00   
187072005-06-16Love Me Or Leave MeJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
187082005-06-16MelancholyJohnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers0000-00-00   
187092005-06-16Lotta Sax AppealJohn Williams & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
187102005-06-16They Don't Come Better Than BettyClarence Sherman's Orch.0000-00-00   
187112005-06-16Where Has Mammy GoneJoe Dubin's Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
187122005-06-16When The Morning Glories Wake Up In The MorningWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
187132005-06-16St. James Infirmary BluesAtlantic Syncopators0000-00-00   
187142005-06-16Out Where The Blues BeginIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
187152005-06-16Trav'lin All AloneIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187162005-06-16Exactly Like YouRuth Etting0000-00-00   
187172005-06-16Freeze And MeltEd Lang & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187182005-06-16Why Be Good (Film Soundtrack)Studio Orch.0000-00-00   
187192005-06-16Here Comes My Ball And ChainCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
187202005-06-16Ain't You BabyRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187212005-06-16Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With MeAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
187222005-06-16'Tain't No SinBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187232005-06-16Tenor Guitar StompClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
187242005-06-16Smoke Shop DragJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
187252005-06-16Ukulele BennyGeorgia Jumpers0000-00-00   
187262005-06-16Sweet Sue - Just YouLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
187272005-06-16Old PlaymateTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
187282005-06-16You're Simply DelishJack Teagarden & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187292005-06-16Let's Have A JubileeLouis Prima & His New Orleans Gang0000-00-00   
187302005-06-23Kansas City KittyCotton Pickers (The)0000-00-00   
187312005-06-23Getting' HotNapoleon's Emperors0000-00-00   
187322005-06-23River, Stay 'Way From My DoorGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
187332005-06-23Waitin' For KatyBen Pollack & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187342005-06-23BrainstormDoc Cook & His 14 Doctors Of Syncopation0000-00-00   
187352005-06-23Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To MeJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
187362005-06-23Thick Lip StompBennie Moten's Kansas City Orch.0000-00-00   
187372005-06-23What Have We Got To LosePhil Harris & His Cocoanut Grove Orch.0000-00-00   
187382005-06-23Boulevard Of Broken DreamsConnie Boswell0000-00-00   
187392005-06-23Then You've Never Been BlueWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
187402005-06-23One More TimeSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
187412005-06-23Ya Gotta Know How To LoveJack Hylton & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187422005-06-23Forget Me NotPaul Specht & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187432005-06-23Sugar StepFred Elizalde & His Hot Music0000-00-00   
187442005-06-23Carolina StompPinkie's Birmingham Five0000-00-00   
187452005-06-23Lady MineRoss De Luxe Syncopators0000-00-00   
187462005-06-23TroubleRollin Smith acc. by Robert Cloud & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187472005-06-23Whitewash Station BluesMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
187482005-06-23It's Tight Like ThatWalter Barnes & His Royal Creolians0000-00-00   
187492005-06-23Me And The Man In The MoonTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187502005-06-23StampedeRed & Miff's Stompers0000-00-00   
187512005-06-23'Deed I DoRuth Etting0000-00-00   
187522005-06-23I Gotta Get Myself Somebody To LoveJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
187532005-06-23Somebody Stole My GalBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
187542005-06-23Take Your TomorrowFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187552005-06-23Ain't Misbehavin'Gene Austin0000-00-00   
187562005-06-23What A Funny World This Would BeHometowners (The)0000-00-00   
187572005-06-23Swing OutHenry Allen & His New York Orch.0000-00-00   
187582005-06-23Daylight Savin' BluesGulf Coast Seven0000-00-00   
187592005-06-23Spider Man BluesBessie Smith0000-00-00   
187602005-06-23Milenberg JoysConnie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
187612005-06-23Ginsberg The GreatStudio Orch.0000-00-00   
187622005-06-23Me TooCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
187632005-06-23PanamaMcKenzie's Candy Kids0000-00-00   
187642005-06-23One In The World (The)Annette Hanshaw acc by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
187652005-06-23My Gal SalCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
187662005-06-23Be Careful With Those EyesKarl Radlach & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187672005-06-23My Kinda LoveBing Crosby0000-00-00   
187682005-06-23Rose Of PicardyTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
187692005-06-23Wishing And Waiting For LoveFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187702005-06-23Memphis BluesOriginal Memphis Five0000-00-00   
187712005-06-23My Sweet Tooth Say "I Wanna"Gus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187722005-06-23Lover, Come Back To MeSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
187732005-06-23There's No Other GirlJoe Venuti's Rhythm Boys0000-00-00   
187742005-06-23Tap Tap (The)Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187752005-06-30Stringin' Along On A Shoe StringHenry Allen - Coleman Hawkins & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
187762005-06-30I Just Couldn't Take It, BabyEthel Waters0000-00-00   
187772005-06-30My Sweet Tooth Says "I Wanna"Fletcher Henderson & His Connie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
187782005-06-30Take Me Away From The RiverFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187792005-06-30Positively - AbsolutelyJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187802005-06-30He's A Good Man To Have AroundHerman Kenin's Ambassador Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
187812005-06-30That's My GirlTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187822005-06-30Cheese And CrackersJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
187832005-06-30I'm Somebody's Somebody NowFour Instrumental Stars0000-00-00   
187842005-06-30AnytimeEmmett Miller acc. by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
187852005-06-30How I'll Miss You (When Summer Is Gone)Carolina Club Orch.0000-00-00   
187862005-06-30Tiger Rag (Parts 1 and 2)Jungle Band (The)0000-00-00   
187872005-06-30A Porters Love Song To A ChambermaidJimmy Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187882005-06-30Variety StompFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00   
187892005-06-30Beale Street BluesBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
187902005-06-30Dancing ShadowsPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187912005-06-30Blue RiverSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
187922005-06-30What Do You SayTed Wallace & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187932005-06-30My Gal SalWinegar's Penn. Boys0000-00-00   
187942005-06-30Tin Roof BluesMidnight Serenaders0000-00-00   
187952005-06-30Baby Won't You Please Come HomeBill Carlsen & His Orch.0000-00-00   
187962005-06-30Pepper BluesUniversal Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
187972005-06-30That's My StuffLloyd Smith's Gut Bucketeers0000-00-00   
187982005-06-30It Must Be LoveHarry Dial's Blusicians0000-00-00   
187992005-06-30Don't Give All The Lard AwayDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
188002005-06-30Ain't It A Cryin' ShameJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
188012005-06-30Manhattan RagFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188022005-06-30Sometimes I'm HappyRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
188032005-06-30It's The GirlLee Morse with Instrumental Acc.0000-00-00   
188042005-06-30I'm Tickled Pink With A Blue-Eyed BabyFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188052005-06-30Hips, Hips, Hooray!Film Soundtrack Excerpts0000-00-00   
188062005-06-30Crazy PeopleBennie Kreuger & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188072005-06-30Love Letters In The SandLloyd Keating & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188082005-06-30(Take Me Back To) Old YazooBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
188092005-06-30Truckin'Fats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
188102005-06-30Mahogany Hall StompLouis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five0000-00-00   
188112005-06-30You've Got To Give Me SomeBessie Smith0000-00-00   
188122005-06-30ZonkyMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
188132005-06-30Somebody Stole My GalTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
188142005-06-30You're Driving Me CrazyRudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00   
188152005-06-30Does My Baby Love MeSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
188162005-07-07Man From The South (The)Ted Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188172005-07-07(There Ought To Be A) Moonlight Saving TimeDick Robertson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188182005-07-07That's My DesireNick Lucas & His Crooning Troubadors0000-00-00   
188192005-07-07Out Where The Blues BeginLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
188202005-07-07Who'd Be BlueWarner's Seven Aces0000-00-00   
188212005-07-07Throwin' The HornsNew Orleans Owls0000-00-00   
188222005-07-07Hold It StillMemphis Stompers0000-00-00   
188232005-07-07After You've GoneLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188242005-07-07Dear Old SouthlandLouis Armstrong0000-00-00   
188252005-07-07I'm Busy And You Can't Come InIrene Gibbons & Clarence Williams' Jazz Band0000-00-00   
188262005-07-07Sweet EmmalinaClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
188272005-07-07OutsideSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
188282005-07-07Is I In Love? I IsRoane's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
188292005-07-07I'll Never Be The SamePaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188302005-07-07Chinnin' And Chattin' With MayHot Air Men0000-00-00   
188312005-07-07Jersey WalkRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188322005-07-07DeliriumRed & Miff's Stompers0000-00-00   
188332005-07-07One Sweet Letter From YouSophie Tucker acc. by Miff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
188342005-07-07Goin' Back To TennesseeBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
188352005-07-07Nobody's SweetheartGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188362005-07-07Penalty Of Love (The)Bert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
188372005-07-07You Didn't Have To Tell MeKate Smith0000-00-00   
188382005-07-07How Long Has This Been Going OnFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
188392005-07-07Persian RugDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
188402005-07-07Let's Sit And Talk About YouLouisville Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
188412005-07-07Walking My Baby Back HomeLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
188422005-07-07ChangesCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
188432005-07-07Somebody Stole My GalFrankie Franko & His Louisianians0000-00-00   
188442005-07-07Piggly WigglyBeale Street Washboard Band0000-00-00   
188452005-07-07Clef Club StompClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
188462005-07-07Lina BluesJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
188472005-07-07A Plantation Act (Film Soundtrack)Al Jolson0000-00-00   
188482005-07-07Jazz Me BluesBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
188492005-07-07A Good Man Is Hard To FindFrankie Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188502005-07-07Dancing With Tears In My EyesRuth Etting0000-00-00   
188512005-07-07Don't Be Like ThatSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
188522005-07-07Walking With SusieCarolina Club Orch.0000-00-00   
188532005-07-07Baby's Birthday PartyFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188542005-07-07I Found A Million Dollar BabyVictor Young & The Brunswick Orch.0000-00-00   
188552005-07-07Young And HealthyWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
188562005-07-07No ParkingCotton Pickers (The)0000-00-00   
188572005-07-07My Little Dream BoatTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
188582005-07-07When A Woman Loves A ManJack Albin & His Hotel Pennsylvania Orch.0000-00-00   
188592005-07-07China BoyRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
188602005-07-14We've Got To Put That Sun Back In The SkyRoane's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
188612005-07-14I'm In The Market For YouGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
188622005-07-14I'm Good For Nothing But LoveRuth Etting0000-00-00   
188632005-07-14Thou Shalt NotRuss Carlson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188642005-07-14Kansas City StompsJelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers0000-00-00   
188652005-07-14Missouri MoanMissourians (The)0000-00-00   
188662005-07-14Kansas City SquabbleBennie Moten's Kasas City Orch.0000-00-00   
188672005-07-14Loveless LoveJack Teagarden & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188682005-07-14I Found A Million Dollar BabyPaul Specht & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188692005-07-14Wrap Your Troubles In DreamsMildred Bailey0000-00-00   
188702005-07-14Let Me Sing And I'm HappyWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
188712005-07-14Here's That Certain Party Now In PersonFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
188722005-07-14Farewell BluesGoofus Five0000-00-00   
188732005-07-14Little White LiesLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
188742005-07-14I Like ThatFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188752005-07-14Coal Yard ShuffleJoe Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188762005-07-14I'm Riding To GloryLeroy Smith & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188772005-07-14You Don't Know Who's Shakin' Your TreeClara Smith0000-00-00   
188782005-07-14TampeekoeDixie Stompers0000-00-00   
188792005-07-14What Do I Care What Somebody SaidMcKenzie's Candy Kids0000-00-00   
188802005-07-14Calinda (The)Paul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188812005-07-14Moanin' LowLibby Holman0000-00-00   
188822005-07-14Mean To MeNapoleon's Emperors0000-00-00   
188832005-07-14Harlem MadnessRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188842005-07-14Limehouse BluesOriginal Wolverines (The)0000-00-00   
188852005-07-14If I Had YouRudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00   
188862005-07-14You've Got That ThingTommy Bohn Penn-Sirens Orch.0000-00-00   
188872005-07-14What Kind Of Rhythm Is ThatBill Brown & His Brownies0000-00-00   
188882005-07-14Duck's Yas Yas Yas (The)Oliver Cobb & His Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
188892005-07-14Everybody's Talking About Sadie GreenMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
188902005-07-14Willie The WeeperKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
188912005-07-14Film SoundtrackTal Henry & His North Carolinians0000-00-00   
188922005-07-14Can't We Get TogetherIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
188932005-07-14Gotta Feelin' For YouHot Air Men (The)0000-00-00   
188942005-07-14A Garden In The RainGene Austin0000-00-00   
188952005-07-14Makin' Faces At The Man In The MoonNew Yorkers (The)0000-00-00   
188962005-07-14Nasty ManFrances Langford0000-00-00   
188972005-07-14Stormy WeatherFrances Langford0000-00-00   
188982005-07-14What Would You DoEd Lloyd & His Orch.0000-00-00   
188992005-07-14Dip Your Brush In The SunshineSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
189002005-07-14High Up On A Hill-TopAnnette Hanshaw acc. by the University Six0000-00-00   
189012005-07-14Here You Come With LoveTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
189022005-07-14When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The TubaBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189032005-07-21Shim-Me-Sha-WobbleOriginal Wolverines (The)0000-00-00   
189042005-07-21Mama's Gone, GoodbyeThelma Terry & Her Playboys0000-00-00   
189052005-07-21My Baby Came HomeRed McKenzie & His Music Box0000-00-00   
189062005-07-21Broadway StompJack Pettis & His Pets0000-00-00   
189072005-07-21Slue-FootDoc Cook & His 14 Doctors Of Syncopation0000-00-00   
189082005-07-21Whiskey And Gin BluesSouth Street Trio0000-00-00   
189092005-07-21Boot That ThingJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
189102005-07-21WhistlesHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189112005-07-21Three Little WordsSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
189122005-07-21Melody Man's DreamEddie Lang0000-00-00   
189132005-07-21I Want To Be HappyRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
189142005-07-21I Lost My Gal From MemphisBubber Miley & His Mileage Makers0000-00-00   
189152005-07-21I Ain't Got NobodyDave Nelson & The King's Men0000-00-00   
189162005-07-21Elevator Papa, Switchboard MamaButterbeans & Susie0000-00-00   
189172005-07-21Roll On, Mississippi, Roll OnConnie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
189182005-07-21Button Up Your OvercoatPatsy Young (Annette Hanshaw)0000-00-00   
189192005-07-21Button Up Your OvercoatRuth Etting0000-00-00   
189202005-07-21Weary RiverJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189212005-07-21BrainstormGeorge Osborne & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189222005-07-21Send For Our Free BookletSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
189232005-07-21Tain't CleanBoyd Senter0000-00-00   
189242005-07-21Someday SweetheartCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
189252005-07-21Nobody's SweetheartIndiana Five0000-00-00   
189262005-07-21Senegalese StompJoe Jordon's Ten Sharps And Flats0000-00-00   
189272005-07-21Close Fit BluesClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
189282005-07-21Kitchen ManBessie Smith0000-00-00   
189292005-07-21It Should Be YouHenry Allen & His New York Orch.0000-00-00   
189302005-07-21(Looks Like I'm) Breakin' The IceLouis Prima & His New Orleans Gang0000-00-00   
189312005-07-21Coffee In The Morning, And Kisses In The NightAdrian Rollini & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189322005-07-21I've Got To Sing A Torch SongHelen Rowland0000-00-00   
189332005-07-21Navy BluesMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
189342005-07-21Rhythms (Film Soundtrack)Leo Reisman & His Hotel Brunswick Orch.0000-00-00   
189352005-07-21There's Everything Sweet About YouWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
189362005-07-21I'm Walking Between The RaindropsBill Haid's Cubs0000-00-00   
189372005-07-21Sweethearts On ParadeGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
189382005-07-21I'll Be Blue, Just Thinking Of YouFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189392005-07-21Some Of These DaysBing Crosby0000-00-00   
189402005-07-21I Have To Have YouSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
189412005-07-21I'm All Dressed Up With A Broken HeartTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
189422005-07-21Sentimental BabyBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
189432005-07-21My Man From CarolineBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189442005-07-21Nothing Is Sweeter Than YouBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
189452005-07-21Wolf Wobble (The)Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys0000-00-00   
189462005-07-21Baby BrownFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
189472005-07-28Wild Dog (The)Joe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
189482005-07-28Under The MoonAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
189492005-07-28Everybody Loves My GirlTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189502005-07-28Varsity DragGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
189512005-07-28One More TimeWashboard Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
189522005-07-28I've Got A Feeling I'm FallingThomas Waller0000-00-00   
189532005-07-28Chicago BluesJimmy Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189542005-07-28I May Be WrongRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
189552005-07-28They Didn't Believe MeRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
189562005-07-28On The AlamoRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
189572005-07-28That's A PlentyRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
189582005-07-28Look Who's HereLittle Ramblers (The)0000-00-00   
189592005-07-28Charlie, My BoyGeorgia Melodians0000-00-00   
189602005-07-28Mollie, Make Up Your MindLee Morse & Her Southern Serenaders0000-00-00   
189612005-07-28Deep HendersonCoon - Sanders Original Nighthawk Orch.0000-00-00   
189622005-07-28Frog HopClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
189632005-07-28Crying My Blues AwayAlbert Wynn & His Gut Bucket Five0000-00-00   
189642005-07-28Mississippi WobbleJimmy Wade & His Dixielanders0000-00-00   
189652005-07-28Croonin' The BluesJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
189662005-07-28I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie NowJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189672005-07-28Loud Speakin' PapaCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
189682005-07-28You'll Never Know SweetheartKate Smith0000-00-00   
189692005-07-28There's A Place In The Sun For YouHerman Kenin & His Ambassador Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
189702005-07-28Mighty RiverChick Bullock & His Levee Loungers0000-00-00   
189712005-07-28Was That The Human Thing To DoBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
189722005-07-28She's Funny That WayDorsey Brothers Orch.0000-00-00   
189732005-07-28Honolulu BluesNew Orleans Blackbirds0000-00-00   
189742005-07-28There's Oceans Of LoveHigh Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
189752005-07-28Miss YouSmith Ballew & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189762005-07-28Lazy DayRuth Etting0000-00-00   
189772005-07-28Vitaphone Film SoundtrackHazel Green & Company0000-00-00   
189782005-07-28Saratoga ShoutLuis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189792005-07-28I'm Busy And You Can't Come InClarence Williams' Orch.0000-00-00   
189802005-07-28Race Track BluesClara Smith0000-00-00   
189812005-07-28Red Hot DanThomas Waller with Morris's Hot Babies0000-00-00   
189822005-07-28I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly RollEmmett Miller acc by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
189832005-07-28Original Chinese BluesBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
189842005-07-28FlapperetteHarry Reser0000-00-00   
189852005-07-28If I Had A Talking Picture Of YouPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189862005-07-28You Call It MadnessMildred Bailey0000-00-00   
189872005-07-28Gotta Feelin' For YouFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189882005-07-28Hand Me Down My Walking CaneKarl Radlach & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189892005-08-04Chinatown, My ChinatownFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189902005-08-04Gee, Ain't I Good To YouMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
189912005-08-04Georgia PinesMarlow Hardy & His Alabamians0000-00-00   
189922005-08-04Take It EasyWashingtonians (The)0000-00-00   
189932005-08-04Not A Cloud In The SkyIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
189942005-08-04April KissesEddie Lang0000-00-00   
189952005-08-04Roll On, Mississippi, Roll OnRoy Evans0000-00-00   
189962005-08-04There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland To MeBroadway Bell Hops0000-00-00   
189972005-08-04Baltimore (The)Frankie Trumbauer & His Orch0000-00-00   
189982005-08-04I Can't Make Her HappyCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
189992005-08-04Ninety In The ShadeDoc Daugherty & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190002005-08-04Slowin' Down BluesOliver Naylor's Orch.0000-00-00   
190012005-08-04There Ain't No Maybe In My Baby's EyesOriginal Indiana Five0000-00-00   
190022005-08-04Should ISeger Ellis0000-00-00   
190032005-08-04MarblesHerman Waldman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190042005-08-04Buffalo BluesJohnny Dunn & His Band0000-00-00   
190052005-08-04Midnight MamaLevee Serenaders0000-00-00   
190062005-08-04Tack Head BluesAlex Hill0000-00-00   
190072005-08-04Chicago RhythmJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
190082005-08-04Ya Gotta Know How To LoveGoofus Five0000-00-00   
190092005-08-04Everybody Loves My BabyGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
190102005-08-04Deep Second Street BluesMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
190112005-08-04He's The Last WordJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
190122005-08-04There's No Depression In LoveVincent Rose & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190132005-08-04I've Got Five DollarsEmil Coleman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190142005-08-04If You Want The RainbowLee Morse0000-00-00   
190152005-08-04March Of The HoodlumsIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
190162005-08-04Snake EyesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
190172005-08-04River BluesRuben "River" Reeves & His Tributaries0000-00-00   
190182005-08-04House Rent RagDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
190192005-08-04If You're Thinking Of MeWalter Barnes & His Royal Creolians0000-00-00   
190202005-08-04My Man (Film Soundtrack)Fanny Brice0000-00-00   
190212005-08-04You Rascal YouJack Teagarden & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190222005-08-04Sing It Way Down LowLouis Prima & His New Orleans Gang0000-00-00   
190232005-08-04Sentimental Gentleman From GeorgiaGerradine Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
190242005-08-04Why Did It Have To Be MeSnooks & His Memphis Ramblers0000-00-00   
190252005-08-04That's What I Call HeavenHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190262005-08-04Do SomethingSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
190272005-08-04Limehouse BluesTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
190282005-08-04Revolutionary RhythmFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190292005-08-04Man From The South (The)Rube Bloom & His Bayou Boys0000-00-00   
190302005-08-11San Sue StrutCasa Loma Orch.0000-00-00   
190312005-08-11Dancing In The DarkBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190322005-08-11Brother, Can You Spare A DimeBing Crosby0000-00-00   
190332005-08-11You Said ItGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190342005-08-11La RositaEddie South & His Alabamians0000-00-00   
190352005-08-11Have You Ever Felt That WayRuben "River" Reeves & His River Boys0000-00-00   
190362005-08-11I'm Having My FunHokum Trio0000-00-00   
190372005-08-11Deep HollowB.A. Rolfe & His Palais D'Or Orch.0000-00-00   
190382005-08-11Ida, Sweet As Apple CiderWinegar's Penn. Boys0000-00-00   
190392005-08-11Coffee Pot BluesOriginal Indiana Five0000-00-00   
190402005-08-11Who's That Knocking At My DoorWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
190412005-08-11SkirtsSlatz Randall & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190422005-08-11Reaching For SomeonePaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190432005-08-11Moon SongKate Smith0000-00-00   
190442005-08-11Little GirlHigh Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
190452005-08-11Candy LipsClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
190462005-08-11Jeanine I Dream Of Lilac TimeIrene Gibbons & Clarence Williams' Jazz Band0000-00-00   
190472005-08-11Just One More ChanceWashboard Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
190482005-08-11Low Down On The BayouKing Carter & His Royal Orch.0000-00-00   
190492005-08-11My Baby Just Cares For MeIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190502005-08-11I Want To Dream By The Old Mill StreamKing Nawahi's Hawaiians0000-00-00   
190512005-08-11Tailspin BluesMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
190522005-08-11Prince Of WailsLittle Ramblers0000-00-00   
190532005-08-11Some Of These DaysJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190542005-08-11Under The Moon It's YouBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
190552005-08-11He's My Secret PassionMarion Harris0000-00-00   
190562005-08-11Walking My Baby Back HomeEd Lloyd & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190572005-08-11Buy Buy For BabyBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
190582005-08-11Wabash BluesCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
190592005-08-11Now You're In My ArmsGene Austin0000-00-00   
190602005-08-11Give Me The SunshineRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190612005-08-11My Man - Film TrailerFanny Brice0000-00-00   
190622005-08-11If You Want The RainbowFanny Brice0000-00-00   
190632005-08-11Brotherly LoveElgar's Creole Orch.0000-00-00   
190642005-08-11Who's Gonna Do Your Lovin'Edmonia Henderson0000-00-00   
190652005-08-11Georgia Bo BoLil's Hot Shots0000-00-00   
190662005-08-11Smoke-House BluesOmer Simeon0000-00-00   
190672005-08-11Slappin' The BassTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190682005-08-11Poor ButterflyRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
190692005-08-11Sing A Little JingleVictor Young & The Brunswick Orch.0000-00-00   
190702005-08-11You're The Cream In My CoffeeMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
190712005-08-11Am I BlueAnnette Hanshaw acc. by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
190722005-08-11Somebody Stole My GalFred Elizalde & His Hot Music0000-00-00   
190732005-08-11Pink ElephantsJoe Venuti - Eddie Lang Blue Five0000-00-00   
190742005-08-18FireworksOriginal Memphis Five0000-00-00   
190752005-08-18AnythingNapoleon's Emperor's0000-00-00   
190762005-08-18A Million DreamsPonce Sisters0000-00-00   
190772005-08-18Happy As The Day Is LongJoe Haymes & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190782005-08-18You Don't Like It - Not MuchJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190792005-08-18She's Funny That WayGene Austin0000-00-00   
190802005-08-18Havin' Lots Of FunAbe Lyman's California Orch.0000-00-00   
190812005-08-18Big BenBennett's Swamplanders0000-00-00   
190822005-08-18ScratchBlue Ribbon Syncopators0000-00-00   
190832005-08-18Have You Ever Felt That WayEarl Hines & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190842005-08-18After You've GoneFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190852005-08-18On The Merry-Go-RoundAlex Bartha & His Hotel Traymore Orch.0000-00-00   
190862005-08-18Cop On The Beat (The)High Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
190872005-08-18Willow Weep For MeGreta Keller0000-00-00   
190882005-08-18You're Simply DelishSmith Ballew & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190892005-08-18So TiredJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190902005-08-18Rockin' ChairHoagy Carmichael & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190912005-08-18Deep NightRuth Etting0000-00-00   
190922005-08-18You Can't Stop Me From Loving YouBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
190932005-08-18Jogo RhythmTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
190942005-08-18Wild Man BluesJelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers0000-00-00   
190952005-08-18New St. Louis Blues (The)Johnny Dodds' Trio0000-00-00   
190962005-08-18Tack AnnieKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
190972005-08-18BreakawayTravelers (The)0000-00-00   
190982005-08-18That's The Kind Of Girl For MeNew Orleans Ramblers0000-00-00   
190992005-08-18What Is This Thing Called LoveLibby Holman0000-00-00   
191002005-08-18I Got RhythmFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191012005-08-18That's A PlentyAnthony Parenti's Famous Melody Boys0000-00-00   
191022005-08-18I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Riding NowJohnny Bayersdorffer & His Jazzola Novelty Orch.0000-00-00   
191032005-08-18It Belongs To YouHalfway House Orch.0000-00-00   
191042005-08-18PanamaJohnnie Miller's New Orleans Frolickers0000-00-00   
191052005-08-18Band Beautiful (The)Ingenues (The)0000-00-00   
191062005-08-18Blue Little YouLumberjacks (The)0000-00-00   
191072005-08-18Wob-A-Ly WalkWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
191082005-08-18In Harlem's ArabyDubin's Dandies0000-00-00   
191092005-08-18Dancing With Tears In My EyesSam Lannin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191102005-08-18WhoRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
191112005-08-18Oh, BabyTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
191122005-08-18I'm Following YouAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
191132005-08-18Is She My Girl FriendCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
191142005-08-18BarbaricIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
191152005-08-18Huggable, Kissable YouSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
191162005-08-18It's YouBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
191172005-08-18Bashful BabyBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
191182005-08-25Keep Your TemperGulf Coast Seven0000-00-00   
191192005-08-25Happy RhythmMusical Stevedores0000-00-00   
191202005-08-25What's The Matter NowRosa Henderson0000-00-00   
191212005-08-25New Call Of The Freaks (The)Luis Russell & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191222005-08-25Feelin' No PainCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
191232005-08-25Reaching For SomeoneChester Gaylord0000-00-00   
191242005-08-25Crazy PeopleHigh Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
191252005-08-25Fascinating RhythmFred & Adele Astaire0000-00-00   
191262005-08-25Puttin' On The RitzFred Astaire0000-00-00   
191272005-08-25Shadows On The SwaneeEthel Waters0000-00-00   
191282005-08-25Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191292005-08-25Endurance StompJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
191302005-08-25Panama BluesState Street Stompers0000-00-00   
191312005-08-25Sun Brimmers BluesMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
191322005-08-25Apex BluesJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
191332005-08-25There's A New Day Comin'Sam Ross Silvertown Orch.0000-00-00   
191342005-08-25Clouds Will Soon Roll By (The)Leo Reisman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191352005-08-25Wasting My Love On YouLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
191362005-08-25Good EveningIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191372005-08-25Navy BluesHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191382005-08-25Lazy RiverHoagy Carmichael & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191392005-08-25Snuggled On Your ShoulderKate Smith0000-00-00   
191402005-08-25I Say It's SpinachWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
191412005-08-25What's The ReasonFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
191422005-08-25Crazy BluesAlabama Jug Band0000-00-00   
191432005-08-25Keep It To YourselfBessie Smith0000-00-00   
191442005-08-25Minnie The MoocherCab Calloway & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191452005-08-25Diga Diga DooIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
191462005-08-25HoneyMills Merry Makers0000-00-00   
191472005-08-25Just A Little CloserRuth Etting0000-00-00   
191482005-08-25Sweet Georgia BrownGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191492005-08-25Little Jack Little & Orch. (Film Soundtrack)Little Jack Little0000-00-00   
191502005-08-25Five Foot Two, Eyes Of BlueLannin's Red Heads0000-00-00   
191512005-08-25Sleepy Time GalNick Lucas0000-00-00   
191522005-08-25Red Hot Henry BrownBusse's Buzzards0000-00-00   
191532005-08-25Melancholy LouHoward Lannin's Ben Franklin Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
191542005-08-25Ready HokumIkey Robinson & His Band0000-00-00   
191552005-08-25Skip The GutterLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00   
191562005-08-25Buffalo RhythmWalter Barnes & His Royal Creolians0000-00-00   
191572005-08-25Free And Easy (The)Columbia Photo Players0000-00-00   
191582005-08-25What A DayCarl Fenton & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191592005-08-25(Eyes Of Blue) You're My WaterlooDixie Daisies0000-00-00   
191602005-08-25I'm Sailing On A SunbeamJesse Stafford & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191612005-09-01Add A Little WiggleAll Star Orch.0000-00-00   
191622005-09-01Cradle Of LoveRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191632005-09-01Who's That Knockin' At My DoorLibby Holman0000-00-00   
191642005-09-01There's Something Spanish In Your EyesTed Wallace & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191652005-09-01Hot Lovin'Clarence Williams & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191662005-09-01Black Mountain BluesBessie Smith0000-00-00   
191672005-09-01Walk That ThingCharlie Johnson & His Paradise Band0000-00-00   
191682005-09-01(There Ought To Be A) Moonlight Saving TimeHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191692005-09-01Let's Get FriendlyNick Lucas & His Crooning Troubadors0000-00-00   
191702005-09-01Miss YouLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
191712005-09-01Waitin' For KatyGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
191722005-09-01True Blue LouBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
191732005-09-01Anything You SayRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191742005-09-01I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabySnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
191752005-09-01Freshman HopMills Musical Clowns0000-00-00   
191762005-09-01New Orleans WigglePiron's New Orleans Orch.0000-00-00   
191772005-09-01PianoflageFate Marable's Society Syncopators0000-00-00   
191782005-09-01My JosephineOriginal Tuxedo Jazz Orch.0000-00-00   
191792005-09-01Steppin' On The GasSam Morgan's Jazz Band0000-00-00   
191802005-09-01LilaOreste & His Queensland Orch.0000-00-00   
191812005-09-01My Baby Knows HowOriginal Indiana Five0000-00-00   
191822005-09-01Slow BeefWisconsin U Skyrockets0000-00-00   
191832005-09-01MeAaron Steel & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191842005-09-01My Honey's Lovin' ArmsJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
191852005-09-01It's Right Here For YouTom Dorsey0000-00-00   
191862005-09-01My Old Girl's My New Girl NowCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
191872005-09-01Wang Wang BluesBusse's Buzzards0000-00-00   
191882005-09-01Oh! LizzieJohnny Dodds' Trio0000-00-00   
191892005-09-01After You've GoneJohnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers0000-00-00   
191902005-09-01You've Got Me Rollin'Memphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
191912005-09-01Down YonderTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
191922005-09-01Barber Shop Blues (Film Soundtrack)Claude Hopkins & Orch.0000-00-00   
191932005-09-01CopenhagenFive Birmingham Babies0000-00-00   
191942005-09-01Ja-DaArkansas Travelers0000-00-00   
191952005-09-01You're The Cream In My CoffeeRuth Etting0000-00-00   
191962005-09-01He's So UnusualFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191972005-09-01Freddy's FogBlue Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00   
191982005-09-01So SweetIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
191992005-09-01Singapore SorrowsFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
192002005-09-01Good Morning, Good Evening, Good NightTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192012005-09-01Lover, Come Back To MeAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
192022005-09-01Do Ya Love MeKolster Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
192032005-09-01Roll On Mississippi, Roll OnBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
192042005-09-08From Monday OnRed McKenzie & His Music Box0000-00-00   
192052005-09-08Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac TimeEddie Lang0000-00-00   
192062005-09-08St. Louis GalCotton Pickers (The)0000-00-00   
192072005-09-08Pretty Little ThingRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192082005-09-08PaducahJungle Band (The)0000-00-00   
192092005-09-08How Long Is That Train Been GoneRoy Evans0000-00-00   
192102005-09-08Hot StrutFowler's Favorites0000-00-00   
192112005-09-08Bessie Couldn't Help ItHoagy Carmichael & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192122005-09-08Georgia On My MindMildred Bailey0000-00-00   
192132005-09-08My Kinda LoveDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
192142005-09-08LovableHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192152005-09-08Doin' You GoodBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
192162005-09-08It Won't Be Long NowPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192172005-09-08Let Me Sing And I'm HappyRuth Etting0000-00-00   
192182005-09-08HeartachesBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
192192005-09-08No One Else But YouLouis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five0000-00-00   
192202005-09-08Squeeze MeLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00   
192212005-09-08Louisville StompDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
192222005-09-08Stomp Off, Lets GoErskine Tate's Vendome Orch.0000-00-00   
192232005-09-08Crazy RhythmBill Haid's Cubs0000-00-00   
192242005-09-08Postage StompWisconsin U Skyrockets0000-00-00   
192252005-09-08Stomp AlongGrey Gull House Band0000-00-00   
192262005-09-08Shaking The Blues AwayWinegar's Penn. Boys0000-00-00   
192272005-09-08If I Had My Way 'Bout My SweetieVic Irwin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192282005-09-08My Lips Want KissesConnie Boswell0000-00-00   
192292005-09-08Did You Ever See A Dream WalkingGene Austin0000-00-00   
192302005-09-08Leave It That WayCasa Loma Orch.0000-00-00   
192312005-09-08Tomorrow MorningLittle Ramblers0000-00-00   
192322005-09-08I'm Gonna Hang Around My SugarLannin's Red Heads0000-00-00   
192332005-09-08You're The Cream In My CoffeeAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
192342005-09-08Dancing In The DarkWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
192352005-09-08Mills Blue Rhythm Band (Film Soundtrack)Mills Blue Rhythm Band0000-00-00   
192362005-09-08I've Got Five DollarsBen Pollack & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192372005-09-08Nobody But YouFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192382005-09-08I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)Lee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
192392005-09-08After You've GoneJoe Venuti - Eddie Lang & Their All-Star Orch.0000-00-00   
192402005-09-08My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds NowJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192412005-09-08A Peach Of A PairGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192422005-09-08She Didn't Say "Yes"Ben Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192432005-09-08One More TimeTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
192442005-09-08Boy! Oh Boy! I've Got It BadMelotone Boys0000-00-00   
192452005-09-08Got A Great Big Date With A Little Bitta GirlCoon -Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
192462005-09-08Bessie Couldn't Help ItRube Bloom & His Bayou Boys0000-00-00   
192472005-09-15Let's MisbehaveIrving Aaronson & His Commanders0000-00-00   
192482005-09-15One Night In HavanaHoagy Carmichael & His Pals0000-00-00   
192492005-09-15Boneyard ShuffleHitch's Happy Harmonist0000-00-00   
192502005-09-15Mexicali MoonSociety Night Club Orch.0000-00-00   
192512005-09-15Sunny Side UpFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192522005-09-15Teasing The FretsNick Lucas0000-00-00   
192532005-09-15I Need Lovin'Coon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
192542005-09-15I Won't Give You NoneJimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards0000-00-00   
192552005-09-15Geechie RiverOriginal Washboard Band0000-00-00   
192562005-09-15When My Sugar Walks Down The StreetClara Smith0000-00-00   
192572005-09-15I Ain't Gonna Play No Second FiddleOriginal Jazz Hounds0000-00-00   
192582005-09-15She's A Great Great GirlRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192592005-09-15Can't You Hear Me Callin', CarolineCarolina Club Orch.0000-00-00   
192602005-09-15What Wouldn't I Do For That ManAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
192612005-09-15I'm Blue, But Nobody CaresSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
192622005-09-15Sweet MadnessAdrian Rollini & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192632005-09-15You'll Never Get To Heaven That WayConnie Boswell0000-00-00   
192642005-09-15Love Is Just Around The CornerCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
192652005-09-15Little Mary BrownBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192662005-09-15Boston SkuffleJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
192672005-09-15Cathedral BluesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
192682005-09-15Blue HarmonyClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
192692005-09-15Two Hundred SquabbleMissourians (The)0000-00-00   
192702005-09-15To Be In LoveSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
192712005-09-15Sentimental BluesSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
192722005-09-15Egyptian EllaTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
192732005-09-15Because My Baby Don't Mean "Maybe" NowPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192742005-09-15There's A Wah Wah Gal In Agua CalienteBen Pollack & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192752005-09-15In Your Green HatLittle Ramblers0000-00-00   
192762005-09-15AlwaysNick Lucas0000-00-00   
192772005-09-15Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems To Care)Red Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
192782005-09-15King For A Day (Film Soundtrack)Bill Robinson0000-00-00   
192792005-09-15My Fox Trot GirlSix Brown Brothers0000-00-00   
192802005-09-15Somebody's WrongBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
192812005-09-15Blue, Turning Grey Over YouLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
192822005-09-15There's Oceans Of Love By The Beautiful SeaAlex Bartha & His Hotel Traymore Orch.0000-00-00   
192832005-09-15Railroad ManIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
192842005-09-15It Happened In MontereyRuth Etting0000-00-00   
192852005-09-15Am I BlueTravelers (The)0000-00-00   
192862005-09-15Roll On Mississippi, Roll OnBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192872005-09-22Black MariaArnold Frank & His Roger's Caf� Orch.0000-00-00   
192882005-09-22Navy GirlU.S. Naval Academy Ten0000-00-00   
192892005-09-22Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With MeNick Lucas0000-00-00   
192902005-09-22GloriannaJesse Stafford & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192912005-09-22Oh BabyDixie Stompers0000-00-00   
192922005-09-22If You Don't Like ItLaura Smith acc. by Perry Bradford's Mean Five0000-00-00   
192932005-09-22Ya Gotta Know How To LoveFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00   
192942005-09-22Stringing The BluesJoe Venuti & Eddie Lang0000-00-00   
192952005-09-22Muddy WaterJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
192962005-09-22My PetSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
192972005-09-22Sister KateJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192982005-09-22Everybody StompArt Landry & His Orch.0000-00-00   
192992005-09-22Some Sweet DayMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
193002005-09-22Doll Dance (The)Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orch.0000-00-00   
193012005-09-22CornfedTed Wallace & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193022005-09-22Scissor Grinder JoeCook's Dreamland Orch.0000-00-00   
193032005-09-22Messin' AroundCookie's Gingersnaps0000-00-00   
193042005-09-22High FeverCook & His Dreamland Orch.0000-00-00   
193052005-09-22Salty DogFreddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals0000-00-00   
193062005-09-22Nothin' On My MindTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193072005-09-22Cannon Ball RagBen Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orch.0000-00-00   
193082005-09-22GuiltyGene Austin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193092005-09-22Under A Texas MoonBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
193102005-09-22Shout, Sister, ShoutClarence Williams' Novelty Band0000-00-00   
193112005-09-22I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabyFats Waller0000-00-00   
193122005-09-22Functionizin'Fats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
193132005-09-22I Would Do Anything For YouRhythmakers (The)0000-00-00   
193142005-09-22It Don't Mean A ThingCharlie Palloy & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193152005-09-22My Extraordinary GalJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193162005-09-22By The ShalimarRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
193172005-09-22She Love's Me Just The SameHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193182005-09-22Famous Collegian Orchestra (Film Soundtrack)Waring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
193192005-09-22Who Wouldn't Be Jealous Of YouRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193202005-09-22Why Can't YouFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193212005-09-22Nobody Cares If I'm BlueLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
193222005-09-22DardanellaPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193232005-09-22She's Got 'ImFred Hamm & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193242005-09-22Davenport BluesCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
193252005-09-22Do You? That's All I KnowIpana Troubadors0000-00-00   
193262005-09-22SugarFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
193272005-09-22Harmonica HarryTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
193282005-09-22I Thank You Mr. MoonBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
193292005-09-22Keep Your Undershirt OnBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
193302005-09-22When Summer Is GoneKalama's Quartet0000-00-00   
193312005-09-29Whistle And Blow Your Blues AwayBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193322005-09-29Alone TogetherVictor Young & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193332005-09-29Give Me Liberty Or Give Me LoveIrene Taylor0000-00-00   
193342005-09-29How'm I Doin'Joel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193352005-09-29Somebody Stole My GalTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193362005-09-29Blues Have Got Me (The)Marion Harris0000-00-00   
193372005-09-29I Like Pie I Like Cake - But I Like You Best Of AllGoofus Five0000-00-00   
193382005-09-29Razor EdgeFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00   
193392005-09-29Percolatin' BluesFowlers Favorites0000-00-00   
193402005-09-29Harlem's ArabyGet Happy Band (The)0000-00-00   
193412005-09-29Crazy QuiltDixon's Jazz Maniacs0000-00-00   
193422005-09-29Butternut ('Neath The Beautiful Butternut Tree)Fred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
193432005-09-29Drifting And DreamingGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
193442005-09-29There'll Be Some Changes MadeSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
193452005-09-29Farewell BluesCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
193462005-09-29Just GoneKing Oliver's Creole Jazz Band0000-00-00   
193472005-09-29Dipper Mouth BluesKing Oliver's Creole Jazz Band0000-00-00   
193482005-09-29Kiss Me SweetButterbeans & Susie0000-00-00   
193492005-09-29Wa Wa WaKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
193502005-09-29Tiger RagMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
193512005-09-29Mighty BlueWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
193522005-09-29I'm Crying 'Cause I Know I'm Losing YouCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
193532005-09-29Mine - All MineCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
193542005-09-29Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The MoonlightBernie Cummins & His Hotel New Yorker Orch.0000-00-00   
193552005-09-29Do The New YorkBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193562005-09-29JericoHerb Gordon & His Hotel Ten Eyck Whispering Orch.0000-00-00   
193572005-09-29Here's That Party Now In PersonMills Merry Makers0000-00-00   
193582005-09-29Once Or TwiceJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
193592005-09-29Little Willie BluesJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
193602005-09-29Some Rainy DayJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
193612005-09-29When Erastus Plays His Old KazooJohnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers0000-00-00   
193622005-09-29Black And Tan (Film Soundtrack)Duke Ellington & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193632005-09-29Singing The BluesAl Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193642005-09-29Sweet Sue - Just YouUnknown Band0000-00-00   
193652005-09-29LollypopsHarry Reser0000-00-00   
193662005-09-29A Good Man Is Hard To FindTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
193672005-09-29From Now OnBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
193682005-09-29Maybe - Who KnowsDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
193692005-09-29Gee, But I'd Like To Make You HappyBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
193702005-09-29By A Lazy Country LaneTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
193712005-09-29Blue Room (The)Joe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
193722005-10-06Charleston Is The Best Dance After AllCharlie Johnson's Paradise Orch.0000-00-00   
193732005-10-06What Good Am I Without YouFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193742005-10-06He Just Don't Appeal To MeBessie Brown0000-00-00   
193752005-10-06Go HarlemJimmy Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193762005-10-06That's My Weakness NowNat Shilkret & The Victor Orch.0000-00-00   
193772005-10-06Dangerous Nan McGrewHelen Kane0000-00-00   
193782005-10-06Down And Out BluesRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Hotel Biltmore Orch.0000-00-00   
193792005-10-06Papa's Gone Bye-Bye BluesHoagy Carmichael & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193802005-10-06What Kind O' Man Is YouIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
193812005-10-06She's Funny That WayEmmett Miller acc. by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
193822005-10-06I Am Only Human After AllJoe Venuti & His New Yorkers0000-00-00   
193832005-10-06Chick, Chick, Chick,Chick ChickenTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193842005-10-06Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton GrowsCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
193852005-10-06Crying For The CarolinesRuth Etting0000-00-00   
193862005-10-06Just One More ChanceSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
193872005-10-06Everybody Loves My BabyEarl Hines & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193882005-10-06Down By The LeveeWynn's Creole Jazz Band0000-00-00   
193892005-10-06Forty And TightBeale Street Washboard Band0000-00-00   
193902005-10-06Sweet 'N Low BluesJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
193912005-10-06Roll On Mississippi, Roll OnGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193922005-10-06Chinnin' And Chattin' With MayJesse Stafford & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193932005-10-06Can't We Talk It OverRed McKenzie0000-00-00   
193942005-10-06With YouWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
193952005-10-06When I Take My Sugar To TeaFrank Auburn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
193962005-10-06On The Beach With YouChester Leighton & His Sophomores0000-00-00   
193972005-10-06Daddy Won't You Please Come HomeAnnette Hanshaw acc by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
193982005-10-06Red Hot ChicagoHot Air Men0000-00-00   
193992005-10-06Chinatown, My ChinatownRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
194002005-10-06There's A Cradle In CarolineBroadway Bell-Hops0000-00-00   
194012005-10-06Muddy WaterGoofus Five0000-00-00   
194022005-10-06I Wanna Go Back To IndianaBilly James' Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
194032005-10-06Black Network (The)Film Soundtrack0000-00-00   
194042005-10-06CongratulationsDorsey Brothers Orch.0000-00-00   
194052005-10-06Can't We Be FriendsLibby Holman0000-00-00   
194062005-10-06Birmingham BerthaMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
194072005-10-06I'm On The Crest Of A WavePaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194082005-10-06Headin' For Better TimesTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
194092005-10-06It Don't Mean A ThingBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
194102005-10-06Hey! Young FellaJoe Venuti - Eddie Lang Blue Five0000-00-00   
194112005-10-06Sweet And HotBen Pollack & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194122005-10-13Steamboat BillPaul Tremaine & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194132005-10-13You're Driving Me CrazyLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
194142005-10-13Telling You That I Love YouGolden Gate Orch.0000-00-00   
194152005-10-13Doin' The RaccoonJesse Stafford & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194162005-10-13SusiannaSam Lannin's Famous Players & Singers0000-00-00   
194172005-10-13That's Why I'm HappyJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194182005-10-13Keyboard ExpressClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
194192005-10-13West End BluesEthel Waters0000-00-00   
194202005-10-13Radio RhythmConnie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
194212005-10-13Last DollarEddie Droesch & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194222005-10-13Sittin' On A Rubbish CanJulia Gerity & Her Boys0000-00-00   
194232005-10-13My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds NowGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
194242005-10-13Who Wouldn't Be BlueTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194252005-10-13I Found A Million Dollar BabyCarolina Club Orch.0000-00-00   
194262005-10-13Nobody's SweetheartFred Elizalde & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194272005-10-13Rollin' MillState Street Ramblers0000-00-00   
194282005-10-13Yearning And BlueJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
194292005-10-13Jazz BattleJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
194302005-10-13Hot AireGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
194312005-10-13Play It RedLittle Ramblers0000-00-00   
194322005-10-13Any Ice Today, LadyWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
194332005-10-13Waitin' For KatyFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
194342005-10-13Turn On The HeatFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194352005-10-13Red Hair And FrecklesCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
194362005-10-13Symphonic RapsCarroll Dickerson's Savoyagers0000-00-00   
194372005-10-13Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194382005-10-13Bare-Foot StompClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
194392005-10-13Alice Blue GownRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
194402005-10-13I Get The Blues When It RainsAnnette Hanshaw acc. by The New Englanders0000-00-00   
194412005-10-13Futuristic RhythmIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
194422005-10-13When Polly Walks Through The HollyhocksBen Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orch.0000-00-00   
194432005-10-13Glad Rag DollRuth Etting0000-00-00   
194442005-10-13Smile, Darn Ya, SmileBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194452005-10-13House Rent Party DayLouis Prima & His New Orleans Gang0000-00-00   
194462005-10-13I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A LetterFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
194472005-10-13Who's Sorry NowBilly Banks & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194482005-10-20Here Comes Emily BrownCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
194492005-10-20Gotta Have YouMidnight Airedales0000-00-00   
194502005-10-20If I Could Be With You One Hour TonightSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
194512005-10-20There's A Wah-Wah Gal In Auga CalienteIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194522005-10-20Maybe It's LoveKate Smith0000-00-00   
194532005-10-20My Baby Knows HowCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
194542005-10-20Louder And FunnierAlphonso Trent & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194552005-10-20BugsWillie Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194562005-10-20Mean Dog BluesDunk Rendleman & The Alabamians0000-00-00   
194572005-10-20Sweet VioletsJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194582005-10-20You're Driving Me CrazyNick Lucas & His Crooning Troubadors0000-00-00   
194592005-10-20You Made Me Love YouMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
194602005-10-20Shake That Jelly RollJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
194612005-10-20She's Funny That WayJimmie Noone & His Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
194622005-10-20Wake Up SinnersLloyd Smith's Gut-Bucketeers0000-00-00   
194632005-10-20Washington And Lee SwingHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194642005-10-20Old Fashioned RomanceLee Morse with Novelty Acc.0000-00-00   
194652005-10-20I'll Be Blue, Just Thinking Of YouBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
194662005-10-20Arcadia ShuffleTed Brownagle & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194672005-10-20Jackass BluesPhil Spitalny & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194682005-10-20I'm Knee Deep In DaisiesGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
194692005-10-20My Four ReasonsIvory Chittison & Banjo Joe0000-00-00   
194702005-10-20National BluesDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
194712005-10-20Hot LipsBill Brown & His Brownies0000-00-00   
194722005-10-20BorneoFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194732005-10-20Since My Best Gal Turned Me DownBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
194742005-10-20Singapore SorrowsCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
194752005-10-20I Couldn't If I Wanted ToIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
194762005-10-20My Inspiration Is YouAnnette Hanshaw & Her Novelty Orch.0000-00-00   
194772005-10-20Dip Your Brush In The SunshineTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
194782005-10-20What A DayTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194792005-10-20I'll See You In My DreamsCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
194802005-10-20Sweet Georgia BrownRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
194812005-10-20GloriannaWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
194822005-10-20Minnie The MermaidBernie Cummins & His Hotel New Yorker Orch.0000-00-00   
194832005-10-27Ev'rything Is Hotsy Totsy NowCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
194842005-10-27My Syncopated Melody ManRed McKenzie & His Music Box0000-00-00   
194852005-10-27Ain't That A Grand & Glorious FeelingAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
194862005-10-27AlwaysGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
194872005-10-27Good Little, Bad Little YouEarl Hines & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194882005-10-27Mr. Jelly LordJelly Roll Morton - piano solo with clarinet and traps0000-00-00   
194892005-10-27Nervous TensionTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
194902005-10-27Nobody's SweetheartJack Pettis & His Pets0000-00-00   
194912005-10-27I've Never Been Loved By Anyone Like YouWhoopee Makers0000-00-00   
194922005-10-27Ten Cents A DanceRuth Etting0000-00-00   
194932005-10-27Song Of The BluesBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
194942005-10-27She's Got "It"Ted Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
194952005-10-27ImaginationMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
194962005-10-27It's An Old Spanish Custom In The MoonlightRoy Evans0000-00-00   
194972005-10-27Button Up Your OvercoatDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
194982005-10-27Ghost Walk (The)Borrah Minnevitch & His Harmonica Rascals0000-00-00   
194992005-10-27Haunted NightsDuke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orch.0000-00-00   
195002005-10-27'Tain't No SinLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
195012005-10-27White Ghost ShiversNew Orleans Owls0000-00-00   
195022005-10-27Bug-A-BooRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
195032005-10-27House Is Haunted (The)Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orch.0000-00-00   
195042005-10-27Blue Spirit BluesBessie Smith0000-00-00   
195052005-10-27Hell's BellsSid Peltyn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195062005-10-27Ghost Of The Blues (The)Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams' Harmonizers0000-00-00   
195072005-10-27Ghost Of The St. Louis Blues (The)Emmett Miller acc by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
195082005-10-27Ghost Of Dinah (The)Bob Howard & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195092005-10-27A Ghost Of A ChanceWashboard Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
195102005-10-27Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well DeadBarney Brothers with Novelty Orch.0000-00-00   
195112005-10-27It Must Be Swell To Be Laying Out DeadAlex Bartha & His Hotel Traymore Orch.0000-00-00   
195122005-10-27That's The SpiritNoble Sissle & Band (Film Soundtrack)0000-00-00   
195132005-10-27ZombieGene Kardos & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195142005-10-27Got The JittersDon Redman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195152005-10-27Shivery StompFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195162005-10-27Haunting BluesRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
195172005-10-27Mr. Ghost Goes To TownLouis Prima & His New Orleans Gang0000-00-00   
195182005-10-27Boogie Man (The)Todd Rollins & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195192005-10-27Black Cat, Hoot Owl BluesMa Rainey & Her Tub Jug Washboard Band0000-00-00   
195202005-10-27Skeleton In The Closet (The)Nat Gonella & His Georgians0000-00-00   
195212005-10-27Mysterious MoseRadio All-Star Novelty Orch.0000-00-00   
195222005-10-27Swamp GhostSnooks & His Memphis Stompers0000-00-00   
195232005-10-27Goblin Band (The)Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orch.0000-00-00   
195242005-10-27'Tain't No SinDan Russo & His Oriole Orch.0000-00-00   
195252005-11-03Nobody's SweetheartMcKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans0000-00-00   
195262005-11-03Royal Garden BluesOriginal Wolverines (The)0000-00-00   
195272005-11-03Makin' FriendsEddie Condon & His Foot Warmers0000-00-00   
195282005-11-03That's A PlentyRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195292005-11-03Black Bottom StompJelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers0000-00-00   
195302005-11-03Sweet LorraineJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
195312005-11-03I Lost My Gal From MemphisAndy Kirk & His 12 Clouds Of Joy0000-00-00   
195322005-11-03Sing A New SongBennie Krueger & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195332005-11-03Too Many TearsEddie Kirkeby & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195342005-11-03My Man Is On The MakeColonial Club Orch.0000-00-00   
195352005-11-03Extra! (All About That Gal Of Mine)Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers0000-00-00   
195362005-11-03Cover Me Up With SunshineJean Goldkette & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195372005-11-03To Whom It May ConcernBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
195382005-11-03Stormy WeatherCharlie Palloy0000-00-00   
195392005-11-03Parkin' In The MoonlightTravelers (The)0000-00-00   
195402005-11-03Shivery StompSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
195412005-11-03Little Things In Life (The)Fred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195422005-11-03To To BluesJoe Venuti's Rhythm Boys0000-00-00   
195432005-11-03When You're Getting Along With Your GalJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195442005-11-03Lucy LongOriginal Jazz Hounds0000-00-00   
195452005-11-03Baby Won't You Please Come HomeClarence Williams & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195462005-11-03Don't You Leave Me HereCharlie Johnson's Original Paradise Ten0000-00-00   
195472005-11-03HullabalooMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
195482005-11-03Flag That Train (To Alabam)Fred Hamm & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195492005-11-03Monkey Doodle Doo (The)Busse's Buzzards0000-00-00   
195502005-11-03Lazy WeatherGoofus Five0000-00-00   
195512005-11-03Wouldn't YouRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195522005-11-03My Troubles Are OverSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
195532005-11-03Lazy DaddyLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
195542005-11-03At TwilightPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195552005-11-03Look What You've Done Too MeLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
195562005-11-03Hi De Ho (Film Soundtrack)Cab Calloway & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195572005-11-03Lady LuckSmith Ballew & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195582005-11-03I'd Like To Be A GypsyCarolina Club Orch.0000-00-00   
195592005-11-03Love Me TonightAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
195602005-11-03One More TimeBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195612005-11-03I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From DumasBen Pollack & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195622005-11-03It's LoveGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195632005-11-03Sweet Sue - Just YouBing Crosby0000-00-00   
195642005-11-03You'll Get ByWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
195652005-11-03HomeRuth Etting0000-00-00   
195662005-11-03Some FunIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
195672005-11-03PumpernickelBlue Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195682005-11-10Darktown ShuffleSeattle Harmony Kings0000-00-00   
195692005-11-10Slippery ElmArt Landry & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195702005-11-10So BlueNick Lucas0000-00-00   
195712005-11-10She's A Corn-Fed Indiana GirlGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
195722005-11-10Stompin' On DownTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
195732005-11-10Home Town BluesIrene Scruggs0000-00-00   
195742005-11-10Chicago RhythmEarl Hines & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195752005-11-10Sittin' On A LogAdrian Rollini & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195762005-11-10Keep Looking ForwardArt Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195772005-11-10When We're AloneSylvia Froos0000-00-00   
195782005-11-10Give It To Me Right AwayBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
195792005-11-10Bugle Call RagBilly Banks & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195802005-11-10Murder In The MoonlightRed McKenzie & His Rhythm Kings0000-00-00   
195812005-11-10Stop The Sun, Stop The MoonMildred Bailey0000-00-00   
195822005-11-10Singing Between KissesJoe Haymes & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195832005-11-10I've Got SomeoneMissourians (The)0000-00-00   
195842005-11-10Loose Like A GooseBennie Moten's Kansas City Orch.0000-00-00   
195852005-11-10Drag 'EmMary Lou Williams0000-00-00   
195862005-11-10I Would Do Anything For YouClaude Hopkins & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195872005-11-10Pa's Old HatDixie Jazz Band0000-00-00   
195882005-11-10Lovin' YouAl Alberts & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195892005-11-10I'm On My Way HomeWhispering Jack Smith0000-00-00   
195902005-11-10Flamin' MamieCoon - Sanders Original Nighthawk Orch.0000-00-00   
195912005-11-10Song Without A Name (The)Isham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195922005-11-10Never Swat A FlyAbe Lyman & His California Orch.0000-00-00   
195932005-11-10Now's The TimeKate Smith0000-00-00   
195942005-11-10Turn On The HeatCharleston Chasers0000-00-00   
195952005-11-10Parkway StompAlbert Wynn & His Gut Bucket Five0000-00-00   
195962005-11-10'Cause I Feel Low DownSammy Stewart & His Orch.0000-00-00   
195972005-11-10Blue Trombone StompClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
195982005-11-10St. James InfirmaryLouis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five0000-00-00   
195992005-11-10At The Night Club (Film Soundtrack)Brox Sisters0000-00-00   
196002005-11-10High And DryIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
196012005-11-10After You've GoneRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
196022005-11-10If You Want The RainbowAnnette Hanshaw & Her Novelty Orch.0000-00-00   
196032005-11-10Raisin' The RoofFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196042005-11-10I'm Ka-Razy For YouHorace Heidt's Orch.0000-00-00   
196052005-11-10That's What I Like About YouJackie Taylor & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196062005-11-10My Sweeter Than SweetSammy Fain0000-00-00   
196072005-11-10On With The DanceBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
196082005-11-10I've Found A New BabyJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
196092005-11-10Now That You're GoneRuth Etting0000-00-00   
196102005-11-10Low Down RhythmHot Air Men0000-00-00   
196112005-11-10Ev'rything That's Nice Belongs To YouMaurice Sherman & His College Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
196122005-11-17Red Hot Henry BrownRay Miller & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196132005-11-17SugarRed Nichols' Stompers0000-00-00   
196142005-11-17'Cause I Feel Low DownSophie Tucker0000-00-00   
196152005-11-17She's A Great Great GirlJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196162005-11-17I'm Walkin' On AirOreste & His Queensland Orch.0000-00-00   
196172005-11-17Play Me SlowMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
196182005-11-17Nothin'Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orch.0000-00-00   
196192005-11-17Memphis SprawlerBlue Ribbon Syncopators0000-00-00   
196202005-11-17One O'Clock BluesLeRoy Tibbs & His Connie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
196212005-11-17See If I CareBessie Smith0000-00-00   
196222005-11-17Baby Won't You Please Come HomeFletcher Henderson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196232005-11-17Miss WonderfulTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196242005-11-17One That I Love Loves Me (The)Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
196252005-11-17CoquetteGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
196262005-11-17Want A Little Lovin'Fred Hamm & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196272005-11-17At The Jazz Band BallBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00   
196282005-11-17LilaFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196292005-11-17Find Me A Primitive ManColonial Club Orch.0000-00-00   
196302005-11-17You've Got That ThingTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
196312005-11-17Boodle-Am ShakeDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
196322005-11-17By The Waters Of MinnetonkaEddie South0000-00-00   
196332005-11-17Save It Pretty MamaMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00   
196342005-11-17Take Your TimeJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
196352005-11-17March Of The HoodlumsEd Lang & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196362005-11-17After You've GonePaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196372005-11-17LiesMildred Bailey0000-00-00   
196382005-11-17My Melancholy BabyDorsey Brothers & Their Orch.0000-00-00   
196392005-11-17Everyone Says "I Love You"Russ Carlson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196402005-11-17If It Ain't LoveJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196412005-11-17I Can't Give You Anything But LoveAnnette Hanshaw & Her Novelty Orch.0000-00-00   
196422005-11-17Sweet Georgia BrownCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
196432005-11-17Roseland (Film Soundtrack)Ruth Etting0000-00-00   
196442005-11-17It's In The MorningErnie Noble & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196452005-11-17Ready For The RiverWisconsin Roof Orch.0000-00-00   
196462005-11-17You're The One I Care ForGlen Leitzke's Midnight Serenaders0000-00-00   
196472005-11-17When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' ByMidnight Serenaders0000-00-00   
196482005-11-17A Monday DateJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
196492005-11-17Someday SweetheartJelly-Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers0000-00-00   
196502005-11-17Brown SugarCook & His Dreamland Orch.0000-00-00   
196512005-11-17Under The MoonFred Elizalde & His Music0000-00-00   
196522005-11-17By My SideLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
196532005-11-17Lucky Little DevilMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
196542005-11-17Two Tickets To GeorgiaBen Pollack & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196552005-11-24That's What I Call Sweet MusicPaul Specht & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196562005-11-24Happy Days And Lonely NightsCharlie Fry & His Million Dollar Pier Orch.0000-00-00   
196572005-11-24Sam, The Old Accordion ManRuth Etting0000-00-00   
196582005-11-24Just So-SoBoyd Senter0000-00-00   
196592005-11-24RiffsJames P. Johnson0000-00-00   
196602005-11-24Moan, You MoanersConnie's Inn Orch.0000-00-00   
196612005-11-24Breakin' The IceFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00   
196622005-11-24Candied SweetsJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
196632005-11-24HindustanBen Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orch.0000-00-00   
196642005-11-24I'll Get ByNick Lucas0000-00-00   
196652005-11-24You're Simply DelishBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
196662005-11-24I'm Coming VirginiaOriginal Indiana Five0000-00-00   
196672005-11-24Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton GrowsBernie Cummins & His Hotel Biltmore Orch.0000-00-00   
196682005-11-24I'll Never Be The SameEddie Lang0000-00-00   
196692005-11-24A Hot Time In The Old Town TonightMiff Mole's Molers0000-00-00   
196702005-11-24Too BadKing Oliver's Jazz Band0000-00-00   
196712005-11-24Sorrow Valley BluesIrene Scruggs0000-00-00   
196722005-11-24Stuttering BluesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
196732005-11-24Wild Man StompState Street Ramblers0000-00-00   
196742005-11-24Got A Date With An AngelPhil Harris & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196752005-11-24You Oughta Be In PicturesBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
196762005-11-24Dream SweetheartRed McKenzie0000-00-00   
196772005-11-24Holding My Honey's HandRuss Carlson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196782005-11-24Sweet SomeoneErnest Lommis' Orch.0000-00-00   
196792005-11-24WhenCharlie Davis & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196802005-11-24He's My Secret PassionLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
196812005-11-24GuiltyTed Wallace & His Campus Boys0000-00-00   
196822005-11-24Dreaming The Hours AwayClarence Williams' Jazz Kings0000-00-00   
196832005-11-24Get Up Off Your KneesEthel Waters0000-00-00   
196842005-11-24Willow TreeLouisiana Sugar Babes0000-00-00   
196852005-11-24Swing OutHenry Allen & His New York Orch.0000-00-00   
196862005-11-24Famous Creole Singer (The) Film SoundtrackCora Green0000-00-00   
196872005-11-24She's Drivin' Me WildGeorgia Melodians0000-00-00   
196882005-11-24Tell Me Little DaisyWinegar's Penn. Boys0000-00-00   
196892005-11-24High Up On A Hill-TopBill Haid's Cubs0000-00-00   
196902005-11-24Strut Your JonesOriginal Dixie Rag Pickers0000-00-00   
196912005-11-24Ted Weems & His Orch.Come On, Baby0000-00-00   
196922005-11-24Take Your TomorrowEmmett Miller acc. by His Georgia Crackers0000-00-00   
196932005-11-24We Can't Use Each Other Any MoreSunny Clapp & His Band O' Sunshine0000-00-00   
196942005-11-24A Good Man Is Hard To FindJulia Gerity & Her Playboys0000-00-00   
196952005-11-24There's A Trick In Picking A Chick-Chick-ChickenSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
196962005-11-24SmilesRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
196972005-11-24Hello, BeautifulGil Rodin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196982005-11-24Me!Ben Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
196992005-12-01Just The SameRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-043 
197002005-12-01I'm Coming VirginiaFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-043 
197012005-12-01I Wonder How It FeelsSeger Ellis0000-00-00  The Old Masters mb 131 
197022005-12-01Doo Wacka DooOriginal Memphis Five0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79026 
197032005-12-01Everybody StompCotton Club Orch.0000-00-00  Frog DGF32 
197042005-12-01On The Puppy's TailGet Happy Band (The)0000-00-00  Frog DGF32 
197052005-12-01Charleston StampedeThomas Morris & His Seven Hot Babies0000-00-00   
197062005-12-01After My Laughter Came TearsArnold Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8035 
197072005-12-01Just You, Just MeSmith Ballew & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8035 
197082005-12-01Moanin' LowAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00   
197092005-12-01Do You BelieveBilly Hays & His Orch.0000-00-00   
197102005-12-01Oh! MabelGoofus Five0000-00-00   
197112005-12-01St. Louis ShuffleJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00   
197122005-12-01Blue BluesMound City Blue Blowers0000-00-00   
197132005-12-01Clowin' The FretsLos Angeles Biltmore Hotel Trio0000-00-00   
197142005-12-01Now's The Time To Fall In LoveVictor Young & His Orch.0000-00-00  Bear BCD 16029 DK 
197152005-12-01Remember My Forgotten ManFreddy Martin & His Orch.0000-00-00  Bear BCD 16029 DK 
197162005-12-01That's How I Feel About YouGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00  Sensation 769 748 026-2 
197172005-12-01Sing (It's Good For You)Nat Gonella & His Trumpet0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79022 
197182005-12-01Ain't Misbehavin'Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
197192005-12-01My Little IsabelJohnny Dodds' Orch.0000-00-00   
197202005-12-01Tippin' ThroughClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
197212005-12-01Barrel House StompState Street Ramblers0000-00-00   
197222005-12-01I'm More Than SatisfiedWillard Robison & His Orch.0000-00-00  Mosaic MD7-211 
197232005-12-01Royal Garden BluesBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00  Mosaic MD7-211 
197242005-12-01I Lost My Gal From MemphisRoy Evans0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79020 
197252005-12-01Where The Sweet Forget-Me-Nots RememberBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8017 
197262005-12-01Them There EyesHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00   
197272005-12-01You're Telling MeCharlie Palloy & His Orch.0000-00-00   
197282005-12-01(In The Gloaming) By The FiresideKate Smith0000-00-00   
197292005-12-01Fine And DandyTravelers (The)0000-00-00   
197302005-12-01Film SoundtrackGold Diggers Of Broadway (Overture)0000-00-00   
197312005-12-01Cornet Chop SueyLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00  JSP CD 312 
197322005-12-01Big Butter And Egg Man From The WestLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00  JSP CD 312 
197332005-12-01Savoy BluesLouis Armstrong & His Hot Five0000-00-00  JSP CD 313 
197342005-12-01Savoyager's StompCarroll Dickerson's Savoyagers0000-00-00  JSP CD 314 
197352005-12-01Come On, BabyFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
197362005-12-01Start The BandTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00  Nostalgia Arts NOCD 3021 
197372005-12-01Something In The NightLee Morse0000-00-00   
197382005-12-01New Yorkers (The)Red Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
197392005-12-01I Still Want YouLouis Prima & His New Orleans Gang0000-00-00   
197402005-12-01Shine On Harvest MoonBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
197412005-12-01After You've GoneStuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys0000-00-00  Affinity CD AFS 1005 
197422005-12-08I'm More Than SatisfiedOriginal Memphis Five0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-049 
197432005-12-08My Kinda LoveNapoleon's Emperors0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-049 
197442005-12-08So The Bluebirds And The Blackbirds Got TogetherPaul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-004 
197452005-12-08Hot BiscuitsAlex Bartha & His Hotel Traymore Orch.0000-00-00  The Old Masters mb 125 
197462005-12-08My Regular GirlWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00   
197472005-12-08Me And My ShadowWhispering Jack Smith0000-00-00   
197482005-12-08Hello BabyPhil Spitalny & His Orch.0000-00-00   
197492005-12-08Blue NightsEarl Hines & His Orch.0000-00-00  Frog DGF 55 
197502005-12-08Crazy RhythmSammy Stewart & His Orch.0000-00-00  Frog DGF 9 
197512005-12-08Golden Lily BluesFrankie Franko & His Louisianians0000-00-00  Frog DGF 9 
197522005-12-08Sau-Sha StompJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79013 
197532005-12-08She'll Never Find A Fellow Like MeTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79034 
197542005-12-08It Was Only A Sun ShowerCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
197552005-12-08Love Me Or Leave MeRuth Etting0000-00-00   
197562005-12-08Oh! You Have No IdeaCoon - Sanders Orch.0000-00-00   
197572005-12-08When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The TubaBen Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00  The Old Masters mb 102 
197582005-12-08Black HorseGeorge Posnack & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8050 
197592005-12-08Moon Is Low (The)Jack Miller acc. by The New Englanders0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8050 
197602005-12-08Say "Yes" TodayRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8013 
197612005-12-08Papa De-Da-DaClarence Williams & His Orch.0000-00-00   
197622005-12-08Put Your Mind Right On ItJimmy Johnson & His Orch.0000-00-00   
197632005-12-08Thinking BluesBessie Smith0000-00-00   
197642005-12-08Won't You Get Off It, PleaseFats Waller & His Buddies0000-00-00   
197652005-12-08SorryBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00  Mosaic 211 
197662005-12-08My PetFrank Trumbauer & His Orch.0000-00-00  Mosaic 211 
197672005-12-08Big City BluesAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00  Take Two TT408CD 
197682005-12-08A Peach Of A PairFred Rich & His Orch.0000-00-00  The Old Masters mb 101 
197692005-12-08I Gotta Have YouHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8035 
197702005-12-08Down Georgia WayJack Purvis & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8035 
197712005-12-08Walking My Baby Back HomeLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00  Take Two TT420CD 
197722005-12-08Fair And WarmerHarry Reser0000-00-00  Yazoo 1048 
197732005-12-08Film SoundtrackBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
197742005-12-08Memphis ShakeDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
197752005-12-08Come On And Stomp, Stomp, StompJohnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers0000-00-00   
197762005-12-08Blue Moon BluesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
197772005-12-08Beedle-Um-BumMcKinney's Cotton Pickers0000-00-00  Frog DGF 25 
197782005-12-08You'll Get By (With A Twinkle In Your Eye)Bob Causer & His Cornellians0000-00-00  IAJRC CD-1013 
197792005-12-08I Like A Little Girl Like ThatSunshine Boys0000-00-00   
197802005-12-08Shout, Sister, ShoutBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
197812005-12-08Since You Went AwayIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
197822005-12-08Sweet Sue - Just YouJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00   
197832005-12-08Learn To CroonCharlie Palloy0000-00-00   
197842005-12-08Navy BluesHot Air Men0000-00-00   
197852005-12-08I Have To Have YouLouisiana Rhythm Kings0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8024 
197862005-12-15Goose PimplesDixie Stompers0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-069 
197872005-12-15Goose PimplesBix Beiderbecke & His Gang0000-00-00  Mosaic 211 
197882005-12-15SugarRussell Gray & His Orch.0000-00-00  Mosaic 211 
197892005-12-15PanamaRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00  Classics 1270 
197902005-12-15Sweet Jennie LeeCab Calloway & His Orch.0000-00-00   
197912005-12-15Do I Know What I'm DoingRuben "River" Reeves & His River Boys0000-00-00   
197922005-12-15Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake UpJimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch.0000-00-00   
197932005-12-15Gotta Go To Work AgainTed Wallace & His Orch.0000-00-00  Bear 16029 
197942005-12-15Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (The)Connie Boswell0000-00-00  Bear 16029 
197952005-12-15It Isn't FairDick Himber & His Essex House Orch.0000-00-00  Renovation 7002 
197962005-12-15Cheatin' CheechSix Blue Chips (The)0000-00-00  Hep CD 1077 
197972005-12-15She's The Sweetheart Of Six Other GuysFred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies0000-00-00   
197982005-12-15YearningRoy Carlson's Dance Orch.0000-00-00   
197992005-12-15CharmaineGuy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians0000-00-00   
198002005-12-15Waitin' For KatyBen Pollack & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198012005-12-15Goin' To TownDuke Ellington & His Orch.0000-00-00  Masters Of Jazz MJCD 52 
198022005-12-15It's All Coming Home To YouOzie Ware0000-00-00  Masters Of Jazz MJCD 52 
198032005-12-15Slow DownOriginal Jazz Hounds0000-00-00  Frog DGF56 
198042005-12-15My Pretty GirlFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79032 
198052005-12-15Back In Your Own BackyardJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198062005-12-15Call Of The FreaksJoel Shaw & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198072005-12-15Nobody But YouSeger Ellis0000-00-00   
198082005-12-15That's My DesireSnooks & His Memphis Ramblers0000-00-00   
198092005-12-15You'll Recognize My BabySinging Boys & Their Novelty Orch. (The)0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW8050 
198102005-12-15You Darlin'Tom Clines & His Music0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW8050 
198112005-12-15Washin' The Blues From My SoulHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79025 
198122005-12-15Heat WaveCasa Loma Orch.0000-00-00  The Old Masters mb 104 
198132005-12-15My Sweet Tooth Says "I Wanna"Ben Selvin & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198142005-12-15By A Lazy Country LaneGus Arnheim & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198152005-12-15Song I Love (The)Nick Lucas0000-00-00   
198162005-12-15Nina RosaIsham Jones & His Orch.0000-00-00  The Old Masters mb 133 
198172005-12-15Well Known Victor Recording Artist And Radio EntertainersRevelers (The)0000-00-00   
198182005-12-15Don't Cry, HoneyJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00  Collector's Classics COCD 
198192005-12-15You're Ticklin' MeClifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers0000-00-00   
198202005-12-15Work Ox BluesTexas Alexander0000-00-00   
198212005-12-15Beau Koo JackLouis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five0000-00-00   
198222005-12-15Somebody Stole My GalTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
198232005-12-15Allah's HolidayNight Club Kings0000-00-00   
198242005-12-15Ain'tchaFrank Auburn & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198252005-12-15Don't Mess Around With MeMississippi Maulers0000-00-00   
198262005-12-15All Going BackGeorge Formby0000-00-00  JSP 1901 A 
198272005-12-15When I Take My Sugar To TeaBoswell Sisters0000-00-00   
198282005-12-15Now That I Need You, You're GoneJoe Venuti's Rhythm Boys0000-00-00   
198292005-12-15What A Night For SpooningWaring's Pennsylvanians0000-00-00  Viper's Nest VN-179 
198302005-12-22Auburn Ave. StompJ. Neil Montgomery & His Orch.0000-00-00  Yazoo 2025 
198312005-12-22Ain't Got No Gal NowPhil Baxter & His Orch.0000-00-00  Yazoo 2025 
198322005-12-22Lonesome Lovesick Got-To-Have-My-Daddy BluesWarner's Seven Aces0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-038 
198332005-12-22Shooin' FliesBlue Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79006 
198342005-12-22There's Oceans Of Love (By The Beautiful Sea)High Steppers (The)0000-00-00   
198352005-12-22Say It Isn't SoJack Berger & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198362005-12-22Now's The Time To Fall In LoveGene Kardos & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198372005-12-22Coal Yard ShuffleJoe Steele & His Orch.0000-00-00  Frog DGF 12 
198382005-12-22Boy In The Boat (The)Charlie Johnson & His Paradise Band0000-00-00  Frog DGF 12 
198392005-12-22He'll Do You WrongJulia Moody & Her Dixie Wobblers0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-068 
198402005-12-22Fletcher Henderson & His Orch.Some Of These Days0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-069 
198412005-12-22Give Me TodayCalifornia Ramblers0000-00-00   
198422005-12-22Japanese SandmanRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00   
198432005-12-22That's Just My Way Of Forgetting YouAnnette Hanshaw acc. by The University Six0000-00-00   
198442005-12-22You Know Better Than ThatDubin's Dandies0000-00-00   
198452005-12-22This Is The MissusRudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees0000-00-00  Take Two TT405 CD 
198462005-12-22I've Got My Eye On YouEd Lloyd & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8035 
198472005-12-22Sleepy Time GalSeger Ellis0000-00-00  Jazz Oracle BDW 8035 
198482005-12-22Sentimental Gentleman From GeorgiaBoswell Sisters0000-00-00  Nostalgia Arts NOCD 3009 
198492005-12-22Washboard WigglesTiny Parham & His Musicians0000-00-00   
198502005-12-22Memphis Boy BluesMemphis Jug Band0000-00-00   
198512005-12-22Scotty BluesMissourians (The)0000-00-00   
198522005-12-22Mary's IdeaAndy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy0000-00-00   
198532005-12-22Meet Me Under The MistletoeDick Robertson & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198542005-12-22Santa Claus, Bring My Man BackOzie Ware0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198552005-12-22Silent NightPaul Robeson0000-00-00  VIAA 1225 
198562005-12-22Rhythm Makers Orch.Jingle Bells0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198572005-12-22Winter WonderlandTed Weems & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198582005-12-22Winter WeatherFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00  King Jazz 134 
198592005-12-22At The Christmas BallBessie Smith0000-00-00  Frog DGF 43 
198602005-12-22Christmas SwingMichel Warlop et son Orchestre0000-00-00  Classics 762 
198612005-12-22A Merry ChristmasGeorge Formby Sr.0000-00-00  Windyridge CDR20 
198622005-12-22Santa ClausWalter Davis0000-00-00  Dust to Digital DTD-02 
198632005-12-22Ev'ry Day's A HolidayAl Bowlly & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198642005-12-22Santa Claus Came In The SpringPutney Dandridge & His Swing Band0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198652005-12-22Papa Ain't No Santa Claus (And Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree)Butterbeans And Susie0000-00-00  Dust to Digital DTD-02 
198662005-12-22Toymakers Dream (The)Vaghn De Leath0000-00-00  VIAA 1225 
198672005-12-22Christmas Morning BluesVictoria Spivey0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198682005-12-22Wrong Way To Celebrate Christmas (The)Rev. Edward W. Clayborn (The Guitar Evangelist)0000-00-00  Dust to Digital DTD-02 
198692005-12-22Savoy Christmas MedleyDebroy Somers' Band0000-00-00  VIAA 1225 
198702005-12-22I Want You For ChristmasDick Robertson & His Orch.0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198712005-12-22Christmas In Jail - Ain't It A PainLeroy Carr0000-00-00  Dust to Digital DTD-02 
198722005-12-22Santa Claus Is Coming To TownHarry Reser & His Orch.0000-00-00  Stash ST125 (LP) 
198732005-12-22What Will Santa Claus SayLouis Prima & His New Orleans Gang0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198742005-12-22Christmas Song (The)Jack Teagarden0000-00-00  Jass Records J-CD-3 
198752005-12-22Swingin' Them Jingle BellsFats Waller & His Rhythm0000-00-00  King Jazz 126 
198762005-12-29Up And At 'EmAl Goering's Collegians0000-00-00  King's Cross Music KCM005 
198772005-12-29Once Over LightlyJack Pettis & His Band0000-00-00  King's Cross Music KCM005 
198782005-12-29Happy Children's BluesMcKenzie's Candy Kids0000-00-00  Sensation 8 05455 15164 8 
198792005-12-29I'm Gonna Charleston Back To CharlestonGoofus Five0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-042 
198802005-12-29Too BadGeorge Olsen & His Music0000-00-00   
198812005-12-29Complainin' (It's Human Nature To Complain)Sophie Tucker0000-00-00   
198822005-12-29Twelfth Street RagAbe Lyman's California Orch.0000-00-00   
198832005-12-29Springfield StompCecil Scott & His Bright Boys0000-00-00  Frog DGF11 
198842005-12-29When Day Is DoneDave Nelson & The King's Men0000-00-00  Frog DGF11 
198852005-12-29Tain't Nobody's Fault But My OwnBessie Brown0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-068 
198862005-12-29You Don't UnderstandClarence Williams' Washboard Band0000-00-00  Collector's Classics COCD 
198872005-12-29That's Her NowSix Jumping Jacks0000-00-00   
198882005-12-29There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth The Salt Of My TearsJan Garber & His Orch.0000-00-00   
198892005-12-29Libby HolmanLibby Holman0000-00-00   
198902005-12-29Futuristic RhythmBen Pollack & His Park Central Orch.0000-00-00   
198912005-12-29Yaaka Hula Hickey DulaRed Nichols & His Five Pennies0000-00-00  Mosaic 213 
198922005-12-29Fit As A FiddlePaul Small0000-00-00  Mosaic 213 
198932005-12-29Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With MeAnnette Hanshaw0000-00-00  Sensation 769 748 023-2 
198942005-12-29Kansas City KittyCotton Pickers (The)0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-049 
198952005-12-29Band Box StompJabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces0000-00-00   
198962005-12-29Someday SweetheartKing Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators0000-00-00   
198972005-12-29Don't Give All The Lard AwayDixieland Jug Blowers0000-00-00   
198982005-12-29Ain't It A Cryin' ShameJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn0000-00-00   
198992005-12-29Golden GateHorace Heidt's Orch.0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-078 
199002005-12-29Swamp BluesArt Landry & His Orch.0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-078 
199012005-12-29As Long As You Are ThereSeger Ellis0000-00-00  The Old Masters mb 131 
199022005-12-29Be Careful With Those EyesKarl Radlach & His Orch.0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-058 
199032005-12-29Bless Her Little HeartNew York Syncopators0000-00-00   
199042005-12-29Rhythm Of The DayGeorgia Melodians0000-00-00   
199052005-12-29When You're With Somebody ElseRuth Etting0000-00-00   
199062005-12-29After You've GoneCharleston Chasers0000-00-00  Timeless CBC 1-040 
199072005-12-29Film SoundtrackThe Big Paraders0000-00-00   
199082005-12-29Oh, BabyHal Kemp & His Orch.0000-00-00  Retrieval RTR 79025 
199092005-12-29MonaColumbia Photo Players0000-00-00   
199102005-12-29When The Moon Comes Over The MountainKate Smith0000-00-00   
199112005-12-29Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneBert Lown & His Biltmore Hotel Orch.0000-00-00   
199122005-12-29Tiger RagTom Dorsey0000-00-00   
199132005-12-29Out Where The Blues BeginIrving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang0000-00-00   
199142005-12-29Half-Way To HeavenCliff Edwards0000-00-00   
199152005-12-29WaterlooBoyd Senter & His Senterpedes0000-00-00   
199162005-12-29A Jazz HolidayTed Lewis & His Band0000-00-00   
199172005-12-29I'm An Unemployed SweetheartLee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys0000-00-00   
199182005-12-29SanPaul Whiteman & His Orch.0000-00-00   
199192005-12-29Four String JoeJoe Venuti's Blue Four0000-00-00  Mosaic 213 

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