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Number Air Date Tune Band Name Recording Date Band Members Composer Catalog Number
280062009-08-20Kansas City KittyCotton Pickers (The)1929-03-27Tommy Dorsey t Glenn Miller tb Jimmy Dorsey cl as Arthur Schutt p Perry Botkin bj Joe Tarto sb Stan King d Walter Donaldson cmp Edgar Leslie lyr Timeless CBC 1-049 
280072009-08-20You Can't Cheat A CheaterNapoleon's Emperors1929-05-23Phil Napoleon t Tommy Dorsey tb Jimmy Dorsey cl as Joe Venuti vn Frank Signorelli p Eddie Lang g Joe Tarto bb Stan King d Napoleon Signorelli Dorsey Timeless CBC 1-049 
280082009-08-20Under A Texas MoonGene Austin1930-04-15Gene Austin v Ray Perkins Take Two TT414CD 
280092009-08-20Say "Yes" TodayRoger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch.1928-02-08Tommy Gott Manny Klein t Miff Mole tb Joe Venuti vn Eddie Lang g Walter Donaldson Jazz Oracle BDW 8013 
280102009-08-20Coal-Yard ShuffleJoe Steele & His Orch.1929-06-04Ward Pinkett t Jimmy Archey tb F. Eugene Mikell bar Joe Steele p Joe Steele Frog DGF8 
280112009-08-20Boy In the Boat (The)Charlie Johnson & His Orch.1928-09-19Sidney DeParis t  Frog DGF8 
280122009-08-20'Leven Thirty Saturday NightFess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.1930-04-18Frank Marvin v Fess Williams cl  Jazz Oracle BDW 8041 
280132009-08-20Roll Up The CarpetsPaul Specht And His Orch.1927-04-27Joe Lindwurm Charlie Spivak t Al Philburn tb Phil Wall p  Timeless CBC 1-087 
280142009-08-20I'm More SatisfiedGuy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians1928-03-26Carmen Lombardo Fred Higman Larry Owen v  Timeless CBC 1-087 
280152009-08-20Who's That Knocking At My Door?Libby Holman1927-09-28Libby Holman v Joe Venuti vn Eddie Lang g / p / sb  Take Two TT415CD 
280162009-08-20Mama InezFred Hall & His Sugar Babies1930-06-12Fred Hall v Arthur Fields v effects  The Old Masters mb 106 
280172009-08-20Shooin' FliesBlue Steele & His Orch.1930-05-15Kay Austin v Blue Steele tb dir  Retrieval RTR 79006 
280182009-08-20You Never Did That BeforeSlim Lamar & His Southerners1929-02-11Ryan Sisters v Sunny Clapp tb Slim Lamar cl as ldr  Retrieval RTR 79006 
280192009-08-20Rainbow DreamsEddie Lang1928-03-29Eddie Lang g Frank Signorelli p Eddie Lang Retrieval RTR 79015 
280202009-08-20Good Little Bad Little YouCliff Edwards1928-09-21Cliff Edwards v u Andy Sannella as Joe Venuti vn Eddie Lang g / sb  Take Two TT419CD 
280212009-08-20I'm Having My FunHokum Trio1930-05-01Ikey Robinson v bj Cecil Scott cl Alex Hill p Alex Hill Timeless CBC 1-050 
280222009-08-20Once Or TwiceJunie C. Cobb & His Grains Of Corn1929-10-24Junie Cobb v as ts Jimmy Cobb c Alex Hill p Eustern Woodfork bj Walter Wright bb poss. Harry Dial d Junie Cobb Timeless CBC 1-050 
280232009-08-20Knockin' a JugLouis Armstrong & His Orch.1929-03-05Louis Armstrong t Jack Teagarden tb Happy Caldwell ts Joe Sullivan p Eddie Lang g Kaiser Marshall d  JSP CD 314 
280242009-08-20BanjorenoDixieland Jug Blowers1926-12-10Clifford Hayes vn Lockwood Lewis as Cal Smith tenor bj Curtis Hayes 6-string bj Freddie Smith plectrum bj Earl McDonald Henry Clifford jug Henry Clifford Frog DGF6 
280252009-08-20There's A Wah-Wah Girl In Agua CalienteRube Bloom & His Bayou Boys1930-05-24Eddie Walters v Jack Purvis t Tommy Dorsey tb Benny Goodman cl Babe Russin ts Adrian Rollini bsx gfs Rube Bloom p Dick McDonough g Stan King d Walter Donaldson Timeless CBC 1-081 
280262009-08-20Accordion JoeCornell & His Orch.1930-02-07Artie Dunn v Cornell Smelser pac Jack Teagarden tb Adrian Rollini bsx  Timeless CBC 1-081 
280272009-08-20If You Want The RainbowLee Morse1928-11-03Lee Morse v / p / Eddie Lang g Oscar Levant cmp Mort Dixon Billy Rose lyr Take Two TT407CD 
280282009-08-20WhisperingRed Nichols & His Five Pennies1928-05-31Red Nichols Leo McConville t Miff Mole tb Dudley Fosdick mel Fud Livingston cl ts Joe Venuti vn Arthur Schutt p Eddie Lang g Art Miller sb Vic Berton d John Schonberger cmp Malvin Schonberger lyr 1920 Classics 1270 
280292009-08-20Steamboat BillPaul Tremaine & His Orch.1930-05-28Paul Tremaine + band v  Memphis Archives MA7004 
280302009-08-20Deep River BluesWhitey Kaufman & His Orch.1926-02-01  Memphis Archives MA7004 
280312009-08-20It's An Old Spanish Custom In The MoonlightRoy Evans1930-10-31?Manny Klein t ?Tommy Dorsey tb Jimmy Dorsey cl ?Frank Signorelli p Eddie Lang g  Retrieval RTR 79020 
280322009-08-20You're The Cream In My CoffeeTed Weems & His Orch.1928-10-19Parker Gibbs v DeSylva Brown Henderson Retrieval RTR 79034 
280332009-08-20In My Wedding GownBuddy Bartlett's Orch.1929-08-27Irving Kaufman v  Jazz Oracle BDW 8023 
280342009-08-20Some Sweet DayMiff Mole's Molers1927-01-26Red Nichols t Miff Mole tb Arthur Schutt p Dick McDonough bj g Vic Berton d  Frog DGF19 
280352009-08-20Fifty Million Frenchmen Cant Be WrongSophie Tucker1927-04-11Sophie Tucker v acc. by Miff Mole's Molers Fred Fisher cmp Willie Raskin Billy Rose lyr Frog DGF19 
280362009-08-20I'm Tickled Pink With A Blue-Eyed BabyFred Rich & His Orch.1930-11-19Smith Ballew v Tommy Dorsey tb Joe Venuti vn Eddie Lang g Fred Rich Frank Signorelli p  The Old Masters mb 101 
280372009-08-20Eddie Peabody the banjo boy and "His College Chums"Film Soundtrack1928-00-00  Paramount 
280382009-08-20How Long Has This Been Going On?Fred Elizalde & His Music1928-04-00Dick Maxwell v George Hurley vn  Retrieval RTR 79011 
280392009-08-20St. James InfirmaryMills Merry Makers1930-01-31Charlie Teagarden v t Jack Teagarden tb   
280402009-08-20What Wouldn't I Do For That ManAnnette Hanshaw1929-09-16Annette Hanshaw v Jay Gorney cmp Yip Harburg lyr Take Two TT407CD 
280412009-08-20I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabyTed Lewis & His Band1931-03-05Fats Waller v p Benny Goodman cl  Retrieval RTR 79014 
280422009-08-20Runnin' RaggedJoe Venuti's Blue Four1929-10-18Joe Venuti vn Frank Trumbauer bsn cm Lennie Hayton p Eddie Lang g  JSP CD 310 
280432009-08-20So SweetIrving Mills & His Orch.1931-03-05Sunshine Boys v  Retrieval RTR 79039 
280442009-08-20An Evening In CarolineBoswell Sisters1931-11-05Boswell Sisters v Bunny Berigan t Tommy Dorsey tb Jimmy Dorsey cl as Joe Venuti vn Arthur Schutt p Eddie Lang g Artie Bernstein sb Stan King d  Nostalgia Arts NOCD 3007 
280452009-08-20Roll On, Mississippi, Roll OnBen Selvin & His Orch.1931-05-09Paul Small v Manny Klein t Benny Goodman cl  Timeless CBC 1-088 
280462009-08-20It Should Be YouHenry Allen & His New York Orch.1929-07-16Henry Allen t J.C. Higginbotham tb Albert Nicholas cl Charlie Holmes as Teddy Hill ts Luis Russell p Will Johnson bj Pops Foster sb Paul Barbarin d  JSP CD3403 
280472009-08-20Golfing PapaMamie Smith1931-02-19Mamie Smith v / t / tb / as / ts / p / bj / d  Timeless CBC 1-068 
280482009-08-20Mama Don't Allow No Music Playing HereGrant Moore & His New Orleans Black Devils1931-05-06band v Grant Moore cl as dir  Frog DGF31 

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